My Running Story

In the summer of 2010, I made a conscious decision to be more active; yes, it was really that vague.  Ya see, back then, I couldn’t jog for three minutes without gasping for air…then, Couch to 5K came into my life. I downloaded the app, laced up my New Balances and started at definitely wasn’t easy, but after a week or two, I found that the hardest part was just taking that step.  Alternating between walking, jogging and eventually running, I could feel the difference, and even experienced that runner’s high I had heard about!  Oh, and it didn’t hurt that I lost about 20 lbs in the process! So, I finished c25k and my interest in different running ‘subjects’ expanded – to things like barefoot running, vibram five fingers and more!  I was hooked with my new active lifestyle, ran my first 5k and then started looking beyond…to yoga; Bikram to be more specific! I fell in love with Bikram so much that I set out & completed the 30 Day Challenge – I even blogged every class! Moving on (literally!) later in the year, we relocated from Orlando, Florida to Northern VA.  I found some good running trails, a new yoga studio and all that (even ran two races!) – but it wasn’t two months later that we moved again; this time, to Charlottesville! There, I trained for my first marathon (Richmond!) and then joined Team in Training to train for my second 26.2 – The Shamrock Marathon!

Now in my ninth season of running, I have completed 30 half marathons, 18 full marathons, and have buckled down on two distance challenges: qualifying for the prestigious Boston Marathon and completing the six world marathon majors (DONE: Chicago, Tokyo, London; TO GO: New York City, Berlin & Boston)

I love what the sport has done to change my life – physically AND mentally. I have met so many wonderful people, come across so many wonderful opportunities and am thankful every single day that running has become part of my life.

Here are some of my PRs:

5K – 22:28 (Lakewood Ranch Irish Celtic 5K, March 2014) – my post here.

8K – 40:25 (Busch Gardens Christmastown Dash, December 2010)

5M – 36:43 (Bill’s Beer Run, October 2013) – my post here.

10K – 48:01 (Pepsi 10K, September 2012) – my post here.

12K – 59:13 (Lake Minneola 12K, April 2014)

14K – 1:18:42 (Virginia is for Lovers 14K, February 2013) – my post here.

10 Miler – 1:19:07 (Florida 10 Series – Sarasota, December 2014)

Half-Marathon – 1:44:17 (Iron Horse Half, August 2019) – my post here.

20K – 1:41:17 (Leesburg 20K, August 2012) – my post here.

20 Miler – 3:00:16 (Stonewall Jackson 20-Miler, October 2011) – my post here.

Marathon – 3:40:20 (Celebration Marathon, January 2017) – my post here.

50K – 5:12:09 (Manasota Track Club 50K), February 2014 – my post here.

Other recaps: In 2011, I completed the Disney Coast to Coast Challenge – running the Walt Disney World 1/2 in January (read my recap here) and the Disneyland 1/2 (recap here) in September.

2012 races:

2013 Races:

The SFM, 2013.
Completing the 2013 San Francisco Marathon.

2014 Races:

2015 Races:

2016 Races:

2017 Races:

2018 Races

  • ALSO Youth Turkey Trot 5K

2019 Races

  • Walt Disney World Marathon – January 12 – my recap here.
  • Castaway Cay 5K – January 14
  • The London Marathon – April 28 – my recap here.
  • Orting Summerfest Half Marathon – August 3
  • Iron Horse Half Marathon – August 25 – my recap here.
  • Portland Half Marathon – October 6 – my recap here.

2020 Races

  • Orting Foothills Dash – March 7 – my recap here.
  • Run Super Series: Super Marathon – June 28

Happy running!

41 thoughts on “My Running Story

    • Thanks! I need some coaching to amp it up a little but it is definitely a fun challenge.

  1. Hey Krissy,

    I just came across your blog through a really random series of links, but noticed that you’re from C’ville and training for a marathon! I don’t know what training program you’re using, but just FYI the Charlottesville Track Club does a marathon training program that I’m doing for the first time this year and it is AWESOME. Tons of people out for all the long runs, water & gatorade every few miles for the long runs, etc. Seriously, check it out! It has made my training SO awesome and easy. You could probably still join if you asked nicely.

    Even if you don’t do the program, if you ever want a c’ville running buddy–I’m always looking for more people to run with!


    • Hey Sarah! Thanks so much for the comment! That program sounds really great – I appreciate you passing on that information. 🙂

  2. Wow, your story sounds very similar to mine (except im much earlier in my running journey). I did my first 5K in October and am now training for the 2012 Charlottesville Marathon. I actually found your blog through from the weather social thing they have for Charlottesville. Good Luck qualifying for the Boston Marathon!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Matthew! I am considering running the 1/2 in Cville because that’s my birthday! 🙂

      I appreciate the kind words and encouragement!!

  3. You’ve come far in a short time! I can recommend Columbus and Grand Rapids as excellent BQ courses. All the best with your running journey!

  4. I am a new follower… from the BRM giveaway! 🙂 I would love to do a Princess Half one day. Possibly next year. I ALSO LOOOOVE Bikram… although I stopped going in order to devote more of my time to my half training (first half is in November). I love what I have read on your blog so far! 🙂 Feel free to check my blog out:

    • Thank you for the comment! 😀 I wish I could do more bikram too, unfortunately the schedule of my local studio doesn’t work well with my schedule, bummer!

      Will take a look at your blog for sure!

  5. Hey, Krissy! I wanted to reply back to you — we do have a lot in common! Hopefully one day I’ll catch up to you 🙂 (you’re fast!!!). Can’t wait to read your Wine and Dine recap — I want to do that race some day!

    • Thanks, Nancy!! More running = faster running, I think? Haha!! I love the journey of finding out, anyway!!

      I am SOO stoked for Wine and Dine…cannot wait to share it all here!!

  6. I came across your blog because I am considering using the Hanson Marathon Method for my next race. I liked your review and found it very helpful. I also noticed we both ran Baltimore in 2012. My second favorite marathon. Good luck qualifying for Boston! My favorite marathon (and I BQ’d my first time at Baltimore!).

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by to comment! That is so cool that we were both at Baltimore – it’s still my marathon PR! 😀

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