Blue Moon Wicked 10K recap!

I had been holding off on writing this recap because I thought there would be some wonderful Brightroom pictures to share. Unfortunately, there are ZERO pics of me and just one of hubs! Oh well – that’s my only criticism from this event. Here’s the recap anyway, might just need to use your imagination for some of it… 😉

Oct. 27, 2012 – Virginia Beach, VA.

The Blue Moon Wicked 10K was held on October 27 in Virginia Beach. It was my second race from the awesome folks at J&A Racing (they’re the superstars behind the Shamrock Marathon) and hubby’s first. We were really excited about this race, but on account of the scary forecast, we were prepared for the worst! Fortunately, all we really had to contend with was wind! But back to the recap…

The race was set to start at 8 AM, so naturally, I was up at 6ish, headed down to the hotel’s breakfast setup to grab a bagel, PB, etc. – and then took the obligatory self-shot of the race outfit!

I was pretty proud of my DIY costume – Team Sparkle makes it super fun and easy to create all kinds of costumes! Sure enough, there were no other caffeinated costumes like mine on the course…haha. Hubs of course opted to keep it simple with his “Starbucks customer” outfit 😉

About an hour before the race start, we were finally out the door, walking to the VA Beach Convention Center. It was already quite windy and I was contemplating my race strategy for the day…it didn’t seem like a great PR day – on account of weather, and the long run / injury I sustained the day before, but I was still pensive on the topic.

Luckily, I didn’t have to make the decision, as hubs asked if I wanted to drop back to Corral 3 and run with him! He never lets me run with him, so I was glad to take advantage of the opportunity 😀

The race began without a hitch, spaced out a few seconds between each corral, which had its own start. Soon enough, we were OFF! I told hubs that we should try to keep it at a slower pace to start so he could feel good at the end.

The first two miles ticked off pretty quickly! There was a lot of wind, but there were so many fun people/costume watching opportunities that I never got bored. This was hubby’s first race without headphones so I tried to chat it up with him a little but he seemed to want to focus on the run, so I pulled out my phone and tried to grab some random pics (they weren’t very good, lol).

The race was comprised of the run down 19th (?) street, then North on Atlantic, down to Rudee Inlet, onto the Boardwalk for a while, cut off back South onto Atlantic, then finishing on the Boardwalk again (map here). It was pretty crowded, but not annoyingly congested.

Mickey, is that you?

Hubs was doing really great – we were hitting each mile between 9-9:30. After we turned the corner back onto the Boardwalk, it was already almost over! He asked me if I could pick up the pace a little and he’d be right behind me – so I took off…whoops! I did a 7:25 mile there and had to wait to the side for a while.

Soon enough though, we rejoined and we headed toward the finish line. I grabbed his hand and we crossed the finish line together!! I was so hoping that picture would be captured, but alas…so here’s a great pic of hubs in all his glory:

Wicked 10K finisher!!

After we exited the finisher’s area, we headed back to the convention center for the post-race party! Usually the event is held right on the beach, but due to the high winds, organizers moved it inside for everyone’s safety and comfort. There, we were treated to yummy chili in breadbowls and of course, Blue Moon beer (yes, at 10 AM)! I also was so excited to see some familiar faces!!

Pam and Christine, of We Run Disney, their friend J and me!

It was so awesome to meet Pam and Christine IRL and I cannot wait to see them again next weekend! After a quick hug, they went off to celebrate Christine’s awesome PR and hubs and I headed back to the hotel to clean up and get ready for the rest of the day…but not before this memorable encounter!!

I was beyond excited to run into the awesome person that ran in this amazing costume!!! I had seen it featured on the FB page that morning, but was even more excited to see them in person! I asked for a quick pic and it easily made me smile the rest of the day…and even more so after we received official results:


So, even though hubs and I didn’t get a finish line photo, we do have these awesome race results to show our identical finish time, which is ALMOST as wonderful 😉

We had a really fun time and would recommend this race to anyone – although it was WICKEDLY WINDY, it didn’t blow down our spirits 🙂 I cannot wait for our next duo race…one week from today!!

Did you run a Halloween race?

23 thoughts on “Blue Moon Wicked 10K recap!

  1. I agree, J&A puts on a great race! I’ve done Shamrock 3 times and have never been disappointed. It always seems to be windy in VA Beach, though. Guess that makes up for it being so FLAT!!! Glad you had a good race with hubs and I LOVE your barista costume…makes me want to get a Team Sparkle skirt…I just can’t decide which one, especially now that I’ve seen those minnie mouse ones! But of course I want the green for Shamrock! Aargh so hard to decide! I have never seen a Brightroom photo of me that I liked…they don’t seem to be very good at the whole race picture thing, so don’t think you lost out too much there!

    • Thanks for the comment!! Agree about windiness! Dang, Shamrock was windy, lol!! Anywho, you should totally get a sparkle skirt, they’re so fun 🙂 The weird thing about Brightroom is at Shamrock, I seriously had like a BAJILLION photos (I bought them, too) but I never remembered seeing photographers (maybe I was in the zone). At Wicked, I saw TONS of photographers, I guess they just weren’t taking pics of me, hah 🙂

  2. I think there was 1 or 2 photos of me and they were pretty terrible! I was (obviously) pretty disappointed as well and I assumed that since Mom and I ran together there might be some of the two of us. No dice…. In any case, it was so great to meet you and can’t wait for more fun at Wine and Dine!!!

  3. Awesome! Though I must admit when I first saw “Blue Moon Wicked…” my first thought was, “Oh! Blue Moon has a new beer!”. Great job on your race! You should’ve smoked your hubby, too 😉

    • Thanks! Have you tried the Blue Moon seasonal beers? I got a hold of Caramel Apple ale and it was awesome!!

      • Caramel Apple? mmmmmm…I’ve only had the Belgian White! I’m not much of a drinker anymore, but I may have to try the C.A.!!

    • Aww, thanks Lisa! I definitely thought of you when we walked through the finisher’s chute and I remembered seeing you there! Miss you!!!

  4. Such a fun and creative costume, Krissy! And it’s great you two ran the race together. Whenever I go to races, my sister and/or dad usually don’t want to run with me; they tell me to do my thing and wait for them at the finish line. 😉 I was supposed to do a costume run here in NYC, but it was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. 😦

    • Thanks for the kind words, Carrie. I am sorry you were not able to do a costume race this year, but also glad you are safe after the storm 🙂

    • Tasha – you totally should! easy to run in and fun – everyone recognizes you, that’s for sure! A few people asked me where the nearest SBUX was!!

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