Tune in Tuesday: Wreck-it Ralph music :)

Love this song – and guess what, you can DL the movie on iTunes today! Check it out 🙂

In other Disney news, check out my latest post on runDisney meetups on Outrunning the Monorail here!

What’s your favorite song lately?

Tune-in Tuesday: More Running Playlist additions

Hey, all! Thanks for TUNING IN to another episode post of Tune-in Tuesday! 😉

Here are some recent additions to my playlist – all rocked my race this past weekend and are very different, so hope you enjoy!

Walk the Moon – Anna Sun: heard this song on the radio recently and really like the driving beat…and I admit, I do sing this out loud when running! 🙂

Jayme Dee – Tip Toes: SO poppy. It is such a bouncy song! Sometimes you need a good song like this for your playlist 😉

PSY – Gangnam Style: Okay, unless you live under a rock, I am sure you’ve heard this song! 😉 Haha, even my hubs knows it! I added it to my playlist last minute on Friday night and it was such a good decision. I love it. I am going to try and run dance it too! Muhha. I laughed so hard when Psy appeared on SNL this weekend, too!

Any song recommendations this week?

Taper Tantrum Thursday: Hey Mom, I’m in the Hook!

This afternoon, I am boarding a plane that will take me to Salt Lake City, Utah. Hubs and I will be traveling to a state that we have never visited – driving to a city we’ve only read about and on Saturday, I’ll be doing the 26.2 scenic sightseeing run also known as my third full marathon!

I am excited, nervous and experiencing those typical taper crazies – insanely checking weather, poring over the race’s facebook page for any updates I might not know about and doing my best to stay off my feet.

Thankfully, I have a few other things to distract me with during this trying time. Like, you know, being featured in the local news! 😀


Featured in the Hook!

I was so excited to see this in print – see, I had responded to a post on the Hook’s facebook page a few weeks ago, as they were looking to feature some runners for their upcoming Health and Fitness insert to the weekly publication. I figured I might get a teeny bit of real estate in the paper, but to my surprise (I received emails from coworkers who saw this in print before me) it was a prominent section! Definitely a cool thing to see 🙂

While I might not break any sort of records or anything like that, this made me even more proud to be a runner. Before I discovered running, I figured that some were just born without the athletic gene – and I thought that I was okay with that…but running definitely changed my mind!

Running makes me challenge myself, clear my mind and feel accomplished. If you’re reading this now and are not a fan of running, that’s totally okay. We can still be friends. But, I cannot stress this enough: know that you (yes YOU!) have passion. Maybe you’ve known that for many years, or perhaps you’re still trying to discover it – but it is there. I promise! And when you find it, you’ll know.

What drives you?


2012 Shamrock Marathon Recap

$2,500 raised, 26.2 miles ran and 1 minute-PR’d.

Very cool email sent to us post-race.

You win some, ya lose some, right?

Okay, maybe that is not fair to say, because I am still SO proud of our team, the amazing event and just – yeah. This weekend was amazing. Yeah, I was thinking a 3:45 was in the bag – I mean, I did the training, I was very precise about my carbo-loading and nutrition and I was feeling it. So just let me get this out, real quick, so I can move on – I was disappointed in my time.

I can blame the weather (hotter than I thought it would be) the wind (blow me down, me hearties!) or my shoes, but it was hard to see an almost exact time from Richmond – after all, I didn’t make all of my runs that cycle, I didn’t even know what tempo or speedwork was…I mean I just ran a 1:47 half that felt easy! C’mon! Blah!

So, okay, I did mentally already subtract several minutes from my time since I saw the male elites finished in 2:22, but other than that, I have to just accept it and move on.


BRIEF RECAP of that rant: Awesome event, as long as we don’t talk about my time 😉

Anyway, back to the race recap! 

I woke up at 6 AM.  I headed across the street to the 7-11 as soon as I got my shoes on and purchased three items: a large bottle of water, a small coffee and a blueberry cake donut. Okay, I was planning on a plain bagel, but there were none in sight. I compromised…headed back to the room and got dressed, etc.

The race start time was 8:30 AM, and our team was set to meet in the downstairs hotel lobby at 7:30 AM to take some pre-race pictures and then walk to the start together (about 9 blocks). My adrenaline was pumping pretty good and the temps were great, around 50 degrees. I checked my swag bag in (threw a pair of flip flops in for post-race comfort – AKA the best idea I had all day) and then bid farewell to my teammates as I headed into Corral 1.

In hindsight, this was probably a very ambitious goal, but I lined up with the 3:35 pace group. I had my Richmond Marathon mylar blanket wrapped around my legs up until the wheelchair race started, then I tied it around the gate and headed off with the group.

The first few miles were great. The pace felt comfortable. I was falling in nicely with the group and with the exception of a guy with really annoyingly flailing arms, it was nice to run as a big blob. As my Garmin chirped mile splits, however, I was a little concerned…they were showing sub-8’s. I waved their warning away, though, as I recalled in Princess that they were telling me sub-8’s when in reality, they were right on the nose.

Around mile 8, however, first minor disaster: my bib was flapping around uncontrollably! The left top pin had ripped the material. I stepped to the side of the road quickly to reattach it. I could still see the pace sign, so I popped right back into formation without much trouble.

A little while later, I was falling further behind as we passed through a water station…but they were still in my sights!  I glanced down at my Garmin…and…WHAT!? The screen was totally fogged up. The numbers were unintelligible.  Fantastic!

Passing back across the one ‘hill’ (bridge) I saw my coach, Liz. She ran up to me and joined me for a while. She was worried when 3:35 had passed without me, and so she pep talked me until I was cruising again. The outsides of my feet were burning, but I pushed on, entering a long stretch on the South part of the Boardwalk.

When I approached the half mark, I silently wished I was doing the half! My toes were going numb….13.1 more to go? Really?!  Really? Really! I sitll felt pretty strong, as far as my endurance was going though, so I kept it moving.  Wait, did 3:45 pace group just pass me? Phew, no, it was just a girl that was wearing a 3:45 pace sign (foreshadowing)

Headed back up to the North loop (it was like a turnaround straightaway/loop/second part of turnaround) my feet were killing me. I was getting frustrated! But then, I saw the cavalcade – the elite male was zooming down the other end of the straightaway!  WOW!  That was exciting.  I kept on.

Around Mile 16…I was feeling it again. Burning feet. Burn. Burn. Burn  and then – OW! Those dreaded calf spasms!  I hadn’t felt those since Richmond…after MILE 21!  Why was this happening so soon?  NOOOO…I need to make it 10 more miles…10…not so bad right…?! We were on a forest-y road, and I had to keep pulling to the side to stretch out my calves….3:45 pace group passed…BUMMER.

Fortunately for me, I was wearing the TNT purple and was motivated EACH AND EVERY TIME I saw a coach on course! They were simply amazing. I tried my best to smile wide and remind myself why I was out there…push through my pain, since truly, I knew mine was only temporary. That is not to say that it didn’t still BURN BURN BURN!  

Push through that pain!

Pushing it back and around, I eased into the realization that this was not going to be THE race for me. I was certainly going to finish, but it wasn’t going to be the finish I had imagined for myself. That was OKAY. I kept moving. I ran into my coach, Liz, once again and she ran with me, reminded me that marathons are unpredictable and that was I was still looking strong!  She sent me on my way….I hobble-ran down to about 24…another coach ‘picked me up’ soon after that and he pushed my pace to the Boardwalk (“Can you see the finish line?” he asked – I stammered, “AHHHH it is SOOOO far away!!!!!!”)

He headed back right before we hit ’26’ and assured me I could do this!  I summoned all the strength I could muster…looked up at the timer, down at my bracelet and then just BOOKED it.




That marathon was MINE.

Headed down the chute, I was congratulated by a small army of amazing volunteers – got a bottle of water, my medal, finisher’s hat, hoodie and quickly spotted my hubby on the sidelines…and even saw Lisa!  AWESOME!  More than 3K marathoners and I see her right in front of me…so cool!

She BQ'd at this beast of a race! AMAZING!

(photo courtesy Lisa’s hubby)

After several hugs, we bid farewell and I went to find my bag…swapped out my shoes for flippy-floppies (AMAZING) and you better believe I was the first in line for the DQ walkup window.  Oreo cheesequake blizzard?  Natch.


Surprisingly at this point, I was not hobbling! I felt pretty good.  This was a marked difference than post-Richmond!  We made it back to the hotel, where I pulled off my singlet and sparkles and ‘ice-bathed’ in the indoor pool!  I did some pool-walking for about 10 minutes and felt great!

So, moral of the story is – RACES CAN BE GREAT, even if they don’t turn out the way you planned! I am thankful for my health, my opportunity to run for cancer and the amazing friendships and connections that would have never been possible if it had not been for running. Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart. This race was OURS.

Marathon Monday! My second 26.2 in the books :)

Whew! Back, unpacked and recovering from a fantastic weekend in Virginia Beach!

The official Shamrock Marathon recap will come soon, but for now, here is a little photo recap to get things started…

First of all, the hair

Green as can be.

The view

Holiday Inn & Suites, North Beach.

…and the SUPER swag.

Swag bag, LS tech tee, finisher's hat + hoodie AND of course, the medal (doubles as bottle opener!)

I will be posting a recap just as soon as I have more photos to share, but it definitely was a weekend to remember 🙂

How was your St. Paddy’s weekend?

The Tuesday Taper Report.

Five days.

Walking it out during my lunch break...

As per my training schedule (which I have only had to modify once, since November – wow!) this is what lies ahead for me, prior to March 18:

TUESDAY – rest

WEDNESDAY – 4 miles


FRIDAY – rest

SATURDAY – 15 to 20 minutes, easy

It is CRAZY for me to see that much rest, but I have to remember that my legs will be working it this Sunday, so I should respect the schedule! It has gotten me this far and for that I am immensely thankful. I definitely have learned a lot about the power of discipline and accountable this training cycle, as this time, it’s more than me – it’s the team, and really, bigger than that, it’s the entire world that has access to my blog / dailymile twitter

I have also made another race-related decision in the past day. I have decided to run with a pace group. I’ve looked at the pros and cons, and ultimately, for me, for this race, I think it’s a good thing to do, if only to ensure a smooth start to the race. After Princess’ mile split discrepancies and my affinity for weaving, I reasoned that being a part of that group that’s in my way will be better for my patience / agitation level.

Another decision I’ve made? I am NOT going to disclose my intended goal finish time. Not online, anyway. IRL friends, or even those that I’ve met through social media – please don’t be afraid to ask, I will let you know, but I just think it’ll be better on my nerves if I keep my A+ goal to myself. Of course, I will share my obvious goals for this event…

GOAL 1: Finish.

GOAL 2: Beat Richmond’s PR. (3:59:13)

GOAL 3: Have fun!!!

I am so so so excited – it is hard to concentrate on anything! Alas, I must chug along…a few more days!

How do YOU beat event anxiety?


Six days.

Excuse me for the absence (can’t believe I haven’t posted since Wednesday of last week!) but I am back today! And yes, I am still riding the incredible high of raising $2,500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Wow. I couldn’t have done it without all of your support so again, THANK YOU!

The past few days have been packed…getting caught up on papers and assignment for school, deciding and re-deciding my attire for the race, thinking and re-thinking my goal time and finally getting my hair cut…yup. I hem and haw a lot, have you noticed? But here’s one thing that I’ve not wavered on…



…yup, it’s happening on Friday, in preparation for my lucky green shamrock hair at the marathon on Sunday!

I am welcoming the taper time this week because there’s still more to get done, school and job-wise this week, but come the weekend, I just cannot wait for the entire experience 🙂

What’s the craziest color you ever dyed your hair?



March 7, 2012, 11:16 AM

So many emotions.

We made it, y’all – THANK YOU so much. I can not even BEGIN to express how I feel right now. When I first signed up for Team in Training, I was excited, but so nervous – how would I be able to make my minimum $1,500 contribution in fundraising? It was intimidating, but I kept telling myself, “you CAN do this, do it for those who CAN NOT.” And I went with that…from the first donation, to hitting my original goal, to officially moving my goal to +1K to today.

The one that put it over the top? An amazing donation from my WSU lil sis, Amy!

Holy Cow, we are awesome 😉

Thank you, Amy, thank you EVERYONE.

And now…well, I have to hold up my end of the bargain, so I am shopping for some green dye… 😉


Purple-y Goodness!

Inspiration Dinner top + Race Jersey!

It’s real, it’s real!

Tonight, our team met at Boylan Heights for our “send-off” dinner – it was a good meal with even better company; lots of excitement and laughs, for sure!

We received our little goody bags, plus our two pieces of attire (shown above) that we’ll be bringing along on our journey to Virginia Beach in just 12 days 😀

It’s feels CRAZY to say, “I am running a marathon next weekend” but it’s true! We have our official bib numbers too..I’m 1341!

On top of it all, I am BEYOND blessed/ecstatic/stunned that I’ve approached the -$90 point to achieving ROCKSTAR status, by raising $1,000 over the official fundraising amount for the event. Words cannot express my gratitude, and I am scheming fun thank you notes for my many generous donors.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

There is STILL time to donate (just visit my site here) and y’know what, I didn’t hit the goal by March 5, but March 7 marks ONE MONTH until my 28th birthday so if we can reach $2,500, I will show my green spirit anyway!

What fun events are coming up in YOUR life this March??