March 7, 2012, 11:16 AM

So many emotions.

We made it, y’all – THANK YOU so much. I can not even BEGIN to express how I feel right now. When I first signed up for Team in Training, I was excited, but so nervous – how would I be able to make my minimum $1,500 contribution in fundraising? It was intimidating, but I kept telling myself, “you CAN do this, do it for those who CAN NOT.” And I went with that…from the first donation, to hitting my original goal, to officially moving my goal to +1K to today.

The one that put it over the top? An amazing donation from my WSU lil sis, Amy!

Holy Cow, we are awesome 😉

Thank you, Amy, thank you EVERYONE.

And now…well, I have to hold up my end of the bargain, so I am shopping for some green dye… 😉



I stumbled upon this site recently, as I was on one of my on-going searches to find the perfect lunch-box; I have to admit I was quite amused by this product:


It is definitely interesting to see what kinds of cool innovations are out there, in terms of finding eco-friendly ways to do the simplest of things- like packing a lunch or choosing your water vessel.  How fun!

Cool stuff…like reusable softbottles!



…even an adorable market basket!

What kinds of products do you utilize that keep the Earth green?