West Coast Vacation, Pt.1: California!

View from the room at the Grand Californian.
View from the room at the Grand Californian.

It’s hard to believe, but a week ago today, I was leaving California to start the second part of my West Coast Vacation – but it is! As I type this entry over the wifi connection at SeaTac, it’s almost baffling to think I landed here a week ago – and yes, this is gonna be a really common theme over the next few recap posts, but, WOW. So much fun packed in a week and half!!

I already recapped the Labor Day Half, so posts will be a little disjointed, but after a few days of thinking it over, I thought it best to start from the beginning, so without further ado…

DAY 1: Thursday, August 29

Ah, Thursday! I departed the fair state of Florida mid-afternoon and made my way to the West Coast from a rather convoluted flight path that routed me to Los Angeles via Miami from Tampa. The journey was a smooth one, and I even had a chance to grab a tasty Cuban Sandwich on my hour layover and mused at the old-timey plane that not only chugged its way across the country, but did it faster than expected (about 4 hours, 20 min). Upon arrival in California, I waited for what seemed like forever to board the Disneyland Express (more on that later) but once I did, I was BEYOND stoked to check in and check out my awesome view at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel!


Before turning in for the night, I met up with my friends Kris and Mindy (and their friend George) at the Earl of Sandwich to plan out the logistics of cupcakes for the Cupcake Meetup to occur the next day! Before long, it was time to hit the hay – but not before catching a glimpse of World of Color…from my balcony! Woot! (Video 1, Video 2)

DAY 2: Friday, August 30

I was planning on “sleeping in” on Friday, but I must have just been way too excited, because I was up and ready to rock at around 6 AM. Since I was not attending the official runDisney Meetup, I was going to just do a 3-mile shakeout on my own, but as luck would have it, this pic changed that plan:

Looking down from the 6th floor at the GC.
Looking down from the 6th floor at the GC.

You see, my friend Steph saw the pic, then commented to me that she was in the lobby – so when I headed down, I caught up with them and found out that they were doing a special “power walk” activity that would take us 2-miles through Disney California Adventure! With a quick sign up at Guest Services, I was signed up and ready to go!

The walk was REALLY fun! I am planning on recapping that with a full post, but in the interim – here’s the dirt: it’s FREE for all guests of the Disneyland Hotels (GC, PP and DLH) and occurs at 7 AM. No cameras or strollers are allowed and it’s a brisk walk (the CM that was with us, Dave, walked at about a 12 min/mile pace).

After the walk, I did about 2.5 miles of easy running around the property before cleaning up and readying for the day. Once I was all neat and pretty, it was time for Jamba Juice and a little Expo action – where I met with some friends from my run groups, Penny and Odette! Very fun! The expo was a lil nuts, but after I got an overview of it for the most part, I decided it was time to do a little bit of the parks so I hopped around a little bit before it was time to prepare for the 2 PM meetup.

Parks time!
Parks time!

I hadn’t eaten yet, so I took the time to indulge in one of the items I had promised myself – an authentic Disneyland corn dog from the wagon! Yum 😀


It really was a blur, but before long, the cupcake meetup came and went! I was so glad that it turned out so well (recap on this at a later date) and once I had transported stuff back to the hotel room again, I realized that it really was imperative for me to grab my bib and packet before it was too late! So back to the Expo I went, followed by a walk over to pick up my Bacon Challenge swag! Yeah! Since I had participated during WDW Marathon Weekend, I got the Coast-2-Coast Bacon medal, too.

Then, it was time to meet up with friends again! This time, for a special trip to In-N-Out, Yogurtland and lots of laughs 🙂


…after all that, believe me, we could’ve called it a day, but when in Disneyland…why not have even MORE fun?! Katie and I headed back to the parks after 9 to meet up with Sarah to see Fantasmic!

Steamboat Willie leading the character boat out during Fantasmic!
Steamboat Willie leading the character boat out during Fantasmic!

And since we were there…well, why not close out the park with a ride on the Matterhorn and Space Mountain? Oh, we’re running a 10K in 4 hours? Naptime 😉

DAY 3: Saturday, August 31

10K done!
10K done!

10K morning! Woot! This was a magical race – recap coming soon – but after that, it was time to pack up and take my stuff to bell services since I was checking out and moving over to stay with Ashley for my last night at Disney. Once I was ready to go, I spent some more time park-hopping and playing around, hitting up the expo again (mostly to visit the ladies of Sparkle Athletic), attending the team#runDisney Meetup, and then settling in early-ish for the 13.1 wakeup call the next morning…

DAY 4: Sunday, September 1

Race Day (2 of 3)!! Ashley and I got up and headed to the start line 4:30ish, and lucked out when we saw the shuttle outside the hotel. After a quick ride over to the Esplanade, we found our way over to the corrals. Again…recap coming soon but WOW. This is still my favorite half marathon.

The hardware I earned that weekend.
The hardware I earned that weekend.

Again, I cleaned up, dragged my stuff down to bell services and then popped into the parks for a few more hours, where I covered the remaining trip bucketlist items (see THIS) – and even hung out with my friend Emily! We had a fun time playing in a Bug’s Land and getting our Disneyland Today buttons! Thanks, T for the heads up on that one 😀

SO cute.
SO cute.

After a little more time in Disneyland, wherein I got to meetup with some more pals one last time for this runDisney trip, it was time to head on back to the hotel to catch my shuttle back to LAX…where leg 2 – a whole week of adventures in Seattle – where due to start in just hours…beginning with a half marathon!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my West Coast Vacation synopsis…and a whole lot more posts! 

Ten Things Tuesday.

Short story long...
Short story long…

Hey-o, everyone! I cannot believe it has been ten days since I posted last…and things are still a little zany here, but thankfully, we do have Internet now, and I do have a free half hour or so, so I thought this would be as good as any of a time to provide an update on my goings-on…in list format!

  • We’re safely in Sarasota, FL, where we arrived this past Friday after a whirlwind of crazy events.
  • Some crazy events: we picked up the truck and trailer (as pictured above) only to find the jack for the trailer acting a fool, so we brought back the trailer and decided to drive both the truck and the Mini down to Florida.
  • Some more crazy events: loading took 2x as long as we anticipated and so we didn’t pull out of Charlottesville until Wednesday late afternoon, therein we headed only 2 hours south to Roanoke, VA.
  • Of course, a stop in Roanoke, VA meant one thing: an obligatory visit to Bubblecake 😉
Cupcake goodness.
Cupcake goodness.
  •  Day two of driving was the ‘long haul’ day – Roanoke, VA to Jacksonville, FL! We stopped partway in SC for lunch – and that was just enough to break up the day nicely. We were super lucky and experienced low traffic and great weather.
VA to FL!
VA to FL!
  • Day three of the move started a little late, since hubs had to work – we left JAX around noon, and after a rainy drive, arrived in Sarasota in the late afternoon. We unpacked a few key items and called it a night!
  • After some of the best sleep ever, we finished unpacking the truck, then went out to Lowe’s to pick out some patio furniture (taking advantage of our truck space). We also went to Haverty’s and picked out a new couch and recliner (they’ll be delivered tomorrow).
  • I took my first run around the neighborhood on Sunday morning, before we had to turn in the truck. I discovered the loop around our street is 1.25 miles, nice for measuring. There are tons of nearby running routes to explore, as well as the Legacy Trail, right nearby!
  • I explored the town center gym, which we can access 24-hrs as part of our HOA fee – there are three nice treadmills, as well as other cardio and weight equipment, plus Wi-Fi so I watched another episode of Arrested Development on my tablet (yes, I am the last person on Earth to start watching this series).
  • I am proud to have the kitchen totally unpacked and functional – from the pantry, to the drawers, fridge and appliances. I have also stocked up with a few trips to Publix (LOVE having one again) and bought a few fun new things (cutting boards, drawer organizers) from Marshalls/Ross which makes me happy!
Love this mat our landlords left us!
Love this mat our landlords left us!

…so there ya have it! Things are looking bright here, and I don’t just mean the shiny happy sun! Even though it is…y’know…sunny 😉

Friday Fun – A to Z: Old School Blogging

I was tagged by Worn Out Soles and thought it would be fun to post a light-hearted entry today! So here we go…

A. Attached or Single?
 Haha, weird. Married, so yes, attached.


B. Best Friend?
 I have several and they know who they are 🙂

C. Cake or pie?
 CUPCAKES, duh, do you even KNOW me?! 😉


D. Day of choice?
 Friday, Friday (yup, I went there)

E. Essential Item?
 Um…water? So I don’t die?

F. Favorite color?
 This changes a lot, so how about this!?

G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears! My absolute favorite are chocolate-covered gummy bears 😀

H. Home town?
 This is a tough question for Military Brats! Let’s just say Main Street USA and call it good!

I. Favorite Indulgence?

J. January or July? 
Hmm, I’d say July, just because there is SOMETHING about summer! But, January isn’t too bad because WDW Marathon Weekend 😉

K. Kids?
 They’re sticky.

L. Life isn’t complete without?
 Dreams (agree)

M. Marriage date?
 November 21, 2009

N. Number of brothers/sisters?
 One younger sister.

Me and my lil sis.
Me and my lil sis.

O. Oranges or Apples? 

P. Phobias?

Q. Quotes? “Keep Moving Forward”

R. Reasons to smile?
 Every sunrise.

S. Season of choice?

T. Tag 5 People.
 I don’t like putting people on the spot. They can tag themselves 😉

U. Unknown fact about me?
 I’m an oversharer. I don’t think there are many unknown facts about me.

V. Vegetable?
 Spinach – like Popeye? haha!

W. Worst habit?
 Biting the inside of my mouth when I am anxious. Owww.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?
 This is a weird question. None.

Y. Your favorite food?
 Probably sandwiches.

Roasted Pork Sandwich at Dinics.
Roasted Pork Sandwich at Dinics.

Z. Zodiac sign?

Dream Jobs.

Back from the time I was in preschool, I have had lofty aspirations of what my ultimate career path would be. While my fellow classmates dreamt of a world as a glittering ballerina, a brave firefighter or a caring veteranarian, I dreamt of what I thought to be the ultimate profession:


Yes, a bus driver.

Now, to the credit of my four or five-year-old mind, it was a pretty important job. Back then, we were living in South Korea and that was when families could only have one car, so me and my mom were frequent bus-riders. Getting places quickly and efficiently is a pretty big deal and in all honesty, I totally respect bus drivers today because I really don’t even like driving a car (my utopia would be full of walking, bikes and monorails, but that’s another story altogether).

But back to the story…

Today, I was clicking around, doing my usual afternoon roundup of social media sites, when I came across a link that Karla posted: RunWESTIN grows with Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series partnership…I was instantly intrigued!


The article detailed an exciting new partnership between the Westin and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon brands – a type of new synergy that would pair enthusiasm for racing with a refined look at the art of planning the ultimate racecation! I don’t think I could have written a better dream job description myself!

So, I clicked on over to the RunWESTIN Concierge page to learn the nitty-gritty details behind the job posting…there HAD to be a catch, right? Hmm…


Hmmm…still sounds pretty darn perfect! I mean…the opportunity to travel to Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons across North America, share training and planning tips and rock out on social media? AND GET PAID FOR IT?! Where do I sign up? Oh yeah, right here 😉

The timeline for the process looks exciting too:


Therefore, according to my calculations, by the end of next month, I could be rocking my way to what can only be described as the ultimate DREAM JOB for this super stoked marathoner! And I thought my excitement level couldn’t get any higher

So, RunWESTIN, if you’re listening, I’m ready to ROCK! Sharing my running story, providing encouragement and advice and keeping it fun along the way, I cannot wait to share my passion with an even bigger audience. Thank you for this opportunity – I know this is just the beginning!

What’s YOUR ultimate dream job?

Weekend Round-up: Strawberries, Pizza and Caverns, Oh My!

Ahhh…hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday weekend! Between the three-days off, hubs and I spent our time with a mix of both relaxing and enjoying some local attractions.

First up, on Saturday morning, I woke with the sun to tackle my 20-mile run. It was a clear, sunny day, low temp and it went pretty well – steady and even negative-split – until the last mile (19). I got some dull pain in both calves that was reminiscent of those last 3-4 miles in a marathon (cramps/soreness) so I decided to cut it short and hubs came to the rescue with the car and some water. I am 99 percent sure it was my lack of adequate hydration (shame on me) though because after that bottle of water, a protein smoothie, ice bath and shower, I was feeling much better. The rest of Saturday was pretty chill – we went out for lunch, took a walk, then spent some time at home.

Sunday was a sleep-in morning, and we got a mid-day start after going for a run (together, yay!) we headed to Lowe’s for some random things, then decided to drive out to Crozet to cross-off a Charlottesville-area bucket-list experience: visit Crozet Pizza, which, according to countless reviews, and even Food Network, makes one of the best pizzas in the USA. Well…spoiler alert..it was just okay. And they only took cash! What is up with that? Oh well (for more, here’s my Yelp review)

Thankfully, we were able to brighten the day back up with a trip to Chiles Peach Orchard, where the strawberries are ripe for the picking 🙂

Strawberry Patch!
Strawberry Patch!

This was our fourth trip out to Chiles (we’ve picked: strawberries, peaches x2) and as usual, we had an enjoyable time, though the strawberries were definitely smaller this year.

Monday…oh sweet Monday, it was glorious to sleep in on a Monday morning…I made some strawberry oatmeal before we set off on our expedition to Luray Caverns, about an hour and a half drive away. It was kind of gloomy out, but since we were gonna be spelunkin’ anyway, no matter 😉

Descending into the Caverns.
Descending into the Caverns.

Now, this was my second cave experience in the Commonwealth of VA (see this post for my adventure to Grand Caverns, and my Yelp review) and so I had a bit of an idea of what to expect. However, I was not expecting a $22 price tag without a guided tour 😦 I guess since it was a holiday weekend, they were in a different mode that had guides posted in various sections of the cave, but this really took away from the experience for me, since I liked hearing about all the different formations, not just looking at them and being like, “oh, cool, stalagmites.”



Now, I am definitely not saying it still wasn’t impressive…but I need some context to what I am looking at. There were little posted signs around the caverns that denoted an audio tour guide stop, and I really wish I could have had one! Plus, it wasn’t terribly crowded, but the other people that were there…let’s just say, I don’t think they heard the safety warnings or rules! Everyone was touching everything (UGH) even though the staff had indicated that natural body oils and salts could deteriorate or stunt the formations. Just…ugh. It made me sad to think that generations from now might not get to enjoy these sorts of natural wonders…

cave3 cave4

An attraction that I was looking forward to in these caves, however, was the popular ‘Stalacpipe Organ.

The Great Stalacpipe Organ.
The Great Stalacpipe Organ.

This was the one stop that a guide was actually standing by…and he told the story of Leland W. Sprinkle, who created the organ by finely tuning the vibrations and sounds from the stalactites. Sounds kinda neat right? Well, we were told to wait around for a performance, only to find out no one actually physically plays it anymore, it’s just a mechanized computer program. Um…anticlimatic. I’ll save you the $22 and you can click here. 😉

One more weird thing…there was a wishing well. And, like many popular wishing wells, it collects a whole lot of money, which is then donated to charities = awesome. But this was the first time I ever saw DOLLAR BILLS floating in the well. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?! I definitely had to snap a photo.

Wishing Well, Luray Caverns.
Wishing Well, Luray Caverns.

I suppose if you had never visited a cave before, you may not be as critical, but there were other things about this experience that left us feeling a little disappointed: namely, lots of mold – it was a wetter cave than others, but the influx of lights seemed to really highlight a lot of ickiness…and the tourist trap feeling. Sure, that might be what it is, but it felt like they didn’t care to share the message of the caves, or even try to educate. Again, this could be different on less busy days, I suppose, but I didn’t learn anything about the different rooms, formations or history, which was unfortunate.

Feeling slightly underwhelmed, hubs and I headed back toward Charlottesville, via Waynesboro where we dropped in to our favorite area movie theatre, Zeus, to see the Great Gatsby. I pointed out to hubs that it was the third Leonardo DiCaprio movie we had seen there, which was a fun fact (first: Titanic in 3D, second: Django Unchained). We enjoyed the film for the most part – visuals were more spectacular than the story – but had a fun time, nevertheless.

Now, it’s time to face the reality…back to work tomorrow 😉 Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, paused to reflect on the significance of the day and most importantly, hugged those closest to you and enjoyed time together!

What was the highlight of your weekend?



Call from a Disney Princess!

Taking a stroll around my local Target store today on my lunch break, I came across an end cap with an interesting message:


Now, since I have become pretty immersed in the idea of interactive and mobile technologies in my graduate school classes, this proposition not only appealed to my tech geek side, but of course, my Disney Dork side 🙂 Naturally, I had to see what it was all about, so I whipped out my iPhone and texted as directed.



Right after sending ‘PRINCESS’ to 33992, I received a message back that asked what Princess I’d like to have call me! The choices were (1) Merida (2)Rapunzel and (3) Cinderella. For my first try (yes, I would eventually try all three) I chose Rapunzel, so sent ‘2’ as my choice.


After confirming that Rapunzel was my choice, I received another message; this one asking when I’d like the call, with the options presented of (1) for five minutes from NOW, (2) for one hour from NOW and (3) for two hours from NOW. Since I was about to head back to work, I opted for (2).



Since I utilize Google Voice (I forward my cell to my desk phone, which I answer with a headset) I was able to receive my Princess call (that came in under the phone number 877-402-0169) without everyone in the office knowing what I was doing.

The messages are really fun and, aside from the potential text message charge from your cell provider (I have unlimited) totally free! It was a fun little perk to my day and I wanted to share it with all of you! So, whether you’re a Disney Princess at heart, a parent or family member that knows a special little Princess or just looking for fun ways to pump yourself up for your next Disney vacation, why not schedule a call with a Princess today?!

What Disney character would you call if you had the option?

Disclaimer: I came across this promotion on my own today –  with no sponsorship or compensation from the Walt Disney Company. I’m just a big, dorky fan that will never grow up 😉




The Whirlwind Trip of 44 Hours.

Last weekend, I did something crazy.

(if you follow me on Instagram, you already know what it was, but go with me here)


I hopped outta town on a flight from the Shenandoah airport down to Orlando to hang out with my friend Morgan for St. Patrick’s Day + a day of Disney parks on Monday. At 4:30 AM Tuesday morning, I was waiting at the front of Saratoga Springs Resort (SSR) for a ride back to the airport – and made it back to work in VA for a half-day.

Whew! So, let’s go and relive that quick trip, eh?

Magical Express to Saratoga Springs Resort!
Magical Express to Saratoga Springs Resort!

The flight left at 10 AM, so I arrived in Orlando right around noon. After riding the airport monorail, I was headed down to the ground transportation level (just had a small duffle bag) and onto my Magical Express bus to Walt Disney World 🙂

The familiar sign!
The familiar sign!

By the time we reached SSR, I was bouncing off the walls excited! In no time, Morgan and I met up, then we walked over to the room, charged up our phones real quick, decked out our outfits with some green flair, then headed to Downtown Disney to start the celebration!


Green...had to take this pic! Rocked my green Team Sparkle, plus had my light up wand, tiara, ring and bracelet!!

St Paddy's day sugar!!
St Paddy’s Day sugar!!

We had gotten our $10 wristbands for Raglan Road (RR) access later, but we weren’t quite ready for dinner yet, so we headed over to Goofy’s Candy Company for a sweet treat! I had a Mickey-shaped krispie treat covered in chocolate and M&Ms…and as much as I love chocolate, I was only able to eat the ears before I reached max sugar overload! I saved the rest for the next day!

Next, it was time for some face paint!

Me and Morgan, rocking the face paint!
Me and Morgan, rocking the face paint!

Morgan and I had joked that we HAD to get face paint when we had read about the St. Paddy’s Day festivities…but once we saw the designs in action, we definitely had to make it happen! I picked a design called “Irish Eyes” and she had a custom one made based on the makeup artist’s personal creation!

Close up!
Close up!

After wandering around DTD a little more (and a stop at Little MissMatched) we headed back to RR for dinner. When we first approached the podium, we were told it could be an hour (or more wait)…but about 20 seconds later, the hostess looked back up at us and said, “or we could get you a hightop table now.” Now? That sounded great to us!

Choice table!
Choice table!

We were led to our table which was literally in the middle of the room, around the dancing stage and the music stage. Score!


Dinner was great (I had the burger – sooo good, and Morgan had risotto) and we enjoyed the atmosphere for a while, before deciding that it was probably a good time to skedaddle before it got too rowdy! So we boated back to SSR to drop off some of our gear then head to the Magic Kingdom!

Stepping into the park that night just felt surreal for some reason – I couldn’t believe that I was in a skirt, bare legs and just a jean jacket after leaving snowy VA that morning. FABULOUS! We made a beeline to meet Mickey Mouse and the Princesses first, then just wandered the park, gleefully!

We hit just one ride that evening – the Peoplemover! It’s not that the lines for attractions were long (because surprisingly, they were not) but we were just having a ball basking in the MK glow. I did, however, request a visit to one of my most favorite new places in the park: Storybook Circus, where we met Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck!

Meeting Daisy!
Meeting Daisy!

After that, I saw the new Castle projection show, Celebrate the Magic – that was spectacular!! I tried to take a few pictures but it just didn’t do the spectacle justice so I put the phone down and just enjoyed. Feeling magically rejuvenated, we headed back toward the new Fantasyland expansion to take in a sort of 360 degree viewing of Wishes!

We split this <3
We split this ❤

The park was going to be open for another hour (+) longer, but we decided to head back (after a quick stop at the Contemporary to pick up that Pineapple Rum cupcake from Contempo Cafe) so we’d have an early start the next morning…sure enough, I slept like a rock before rising at 6 AM for a pre-park day run to DTD (see my post about that on Outrunning the Monorail) and then jumping on the bus to make it to MK to see the morning show…

MK Castle Show!
MK Morning Show!

…then grab breakfast at Kona Cafe!

The Samoan...mmm.
The Samoan…mmm.

Now, that Tonga Toast gets all the attention (and rightfully so) but I was in the mood for something savory that morning, and this was it: Poached Eggs with Hollandaise served over Smoked Pulled Pork Hash. Soo good!

Then, it was off to Epcot! We were on a mission to get the stamps in the new Flower and Garden Festival passports AND participate in the Easter Egg hunt. After we picked up the special maps and stickers at World Traveler, we started around, counter clockwise and wandered from country to country.

Canada, eh! :)
Canada, eh! 🙂

I absolutely love the World Showcase, so this was just a dream come true…not only was the weather beautiful, but it was a Monday and instead of being in the office, I was traveling from country to country, snapping pictures and search for Easter eggs. What a life.

Avocado Margarita at La Cava del Tequila!
Avocado Margarita at La Cava del Tequila!

Now, I took pictures in nearly every country, but in an effort to keep this post flowing, I’ll skip to Mexico because I was FINALLY able to achieve a bucket list experience…trying the Avocado Margarita (back story here). YAHOO! It was worth the wait!

Tinkerbell at International Gateway!
Tinkerbell at International Gateway!

After a little more meandering and a ride on Spaceship Earth (and completing the hunt, and our passports) we were ready to head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to continue the fun…and who did we see out there, but Tinkerbell! What a surprise 🙂

We enjoyed the walk over to the park – we had to real objectives, other than to take some photos of Gertie for Theresa, see Fantasmic and have another cupcake (we weren’t sure if the seasonal cupcake would have switched over to the Easter one or would still be the St. Paddy’s Day one). We did enjoy two attractions as well: The Great Movie Ride (side note: I have STILL not seen the Bandit version!) and Star Tours.


Turns out, the St. Paddy’s Day Cupcake (chocolate cupcake with green peppermint buttercream) was the winner – we picked it up at the Backlot Express (we had NO idea that Starring Rolls closed so early – 4 PM!) and thoroughly enjoyed it after our pseudo sugar-detox dinner there (veggie sandwich for me, salad for M).


We rounded out our evening with Fantasmic and I enjoyed it immensely, having not seen it in YEARS (yet another item I had planned to do during Marathon Weekend, but didn’t get around to doing that trip). It really was wonderful, and now I am even more excited about potentially seeing it at Disneyland in September!

But like all good things, this trip was coming to an end quickly…we were pretty tired from an action-packed day and my wake up call for 3:45 AM was looking rather grim…so back to SSR it was!

Before we hit the sack, my BFF Matthew popped over to say hi – which really was the icing on the cake for this trip 🙂

In hours, I was back on that bus…and hours later, back to my desk at work…and although it was just 44 hours, it was a fantastic escape from reality. I know that it’s not possible for everyone to do, but I’d highly recommend this – wherever your happy place is – to clear your mind and just be happy.

You’ll thank yourself for it!

If you could escape to anywhere for 44 hours, where would it be?

Bringing runDisney home

Later today, I am excited to announce that I’ll be meeting with my friends Christine and Katie for our first official #VAisforrunDisneylovers event: an extravaganza including talking (about runDisney) shopping (for running clothes), running and cupcakes 🙂

One of my many cupcake finds in VA, Frostings.
Archived cupcake image from my files ❤

I am really stoked to see these ladies – they are both friends that I have met through the world of runDisney – Christine, through the blog she co-writes with her mom and Katie through chance meeting at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Meetup! It was such a wonderful surprise to find that they were both somewhat local friends (in the Central VA region-ish) and planning meetups with them definitely fills that void between runDisney events!

Scary suspension bridge
Scary suspension bridge Katie and I ran across in #RVA

While I’ve been lucky enough to see both Christine and Katie on separate occasions (Christine at the Blue Moon Wicked 10K last October as well as the VA is for Lovers 14K and Katie on a fun Richmond run this past December and the Colonial Half Marathon last month) it is the first time we’ll all hang out together so I am AMPED 😀

The fun starts this afternoon, so I will attempt to get a few housekeeping things done around the house before then, but I also wanted to take this opportunity to share two other fun-tastic runDisney related events that are on my mind this sunny Saturday morning:

  • Tomorrow marks the first day of Princess Week on Outrunning the Monorail! I am excited to have a whole week of special guest posts that highlight all the fun of last month’s Princess Half Marathon so hop over there to check out some amazing stories and photos.
  • Last night on twitter, something amazing happened: #DumboDareCupcakeMeetup was born. Yes, it’s now officially a thing. Add yourself or subscribe to THIS LIST to indiciate your interest in participating in a meetup during Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend that marries running and sweets, yet again.

So, until later…have a wonderful weekend, all and follow the #VAisforrunDisneylovers hashtag this afternoon for updates on the fun! I’m ready to enjoy some nicer weather (it should hit the mid-50’s today, despite the remnants of Wednesday’s snow storm) and have a blast!

Anything FUN on your agenda this weekend? What’s the weather like where you live?

That time I went to jail…

twitter jail, that is 😉

Last night, I logged on to my tweetdeck right around 7:55. I had just finished baking some heath cookie bars and was prepping for #runchat (you should definitely join in sometime if you’re a runner BTW, second and third Sunday nights 8-9 PM Eastern, here’s your reminder).

As per usual, it was a fabulous and fast-paced conversation! The format in this session was a little different, as questions were generated from users throughout the week. It was great ‘seeing’ lots of my friends online and meeting new ones too – and before long, it was over…and I was considering jumping on over to #ultrachat, which usually runs each Sunday night 9-10 PM, EST…except…well…I couldn’t.

Twitter had blocked me!


Now, to my defense, I *think* I must have broken the “smaller limits for semi-hourly intervals” but to be totally honest, 1K…well…it could have been possible, too. What can I say? I love twitter! And this counted for all twitter-related activity for the day so each daily mile post, instagram or RT…it was all counted.

Of course, I had to share my thoughts on the situation…but without my twitter voice…what could I do? Oh, post on Facebook! 😉

(from FB)
(from FB)

Haha…but it got even BETTER! My pals that had seen my dismay took it to twitter to air their grievances!




I was laughing so hard, I cried! Following the drama was certainly entertaining; then I found out I could favorite tweets, despite my limitations! Hehehe…good stuff.

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Can’t believe it’s been three weeks…

Post-Neverland 5K.
Post-Neverland 5K in Disney California Adventure.

My recaps for Tinkerbell Half and Neverland 5K are coming…for real. I know, I know…it’s been three weeks…but I guess I kept denying to myself that I am back in reality after that magical trip.


Thanks for all of your patience!

How did your weekend go? Did you catch my 14K recap from yesterday?