2021 State of Running (and another World Marathon Major!)

It’s officially 8 days out from my last marathon, so today, I am revisiting a post from last year, about running goals, and looking ahead to what my 2021 will ideally look like, running-wise.

Hiking Dug!

First off, the boring news.

I’ve been recovering well! The two days after the marathon, I kept up my June run streak and eeked out a few robotic-like miles, and did some easy Peloton rides. Then, we embarked on a two-night family retreat to a cabin in Skykomish on the Tye River last week, and I took two days off of running. We took an easy hike, walked around Leavenworth, relaxed in the hot tub, and just chilled out.

Upon our arrival home, I’ve returned to my regularly scheduled easy running, and feel good! My Garmin status says, “Peaking” which makes me laugh a bit, and I re-took my Peloton FTP test over the weekend. Fitness feels good, and I am excited to think about what’s next.


Now, I have already shared this on twitter, but it’s taken a few days for it to sink in for me before I could get coherent thoughts out, but oh my goodness, it really is real:

WMM #4!

Yes! This November, I will be toeing the line at my FOURTH World Marathon Major, the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon!

For a brief refresher, the Abbott World Marathon Majors are comprised of six (at the time of this post being written – it’s been rumored that another may be added) large-scale marathon races across the globe. I first posted about this series in 2013, and since then, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of completing Chicago, Tokyo and London. In fact, the day I wrote my belated London Marathon recap post was what to become the last running of the New York City Marathon (2019), and motivated me to find a way to get myself to New York City.

So, in the fall of 2019, I reached out to my contact at New Balance (from my past job)* to inquire about bibs. The response was positive, but seeing as it was so far out to the next race, was asked to inquire again in June 2020, when registration opens. Of course…2020 happened, and this whole plan went onto the back burner.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, as I saw social media buzz about the race again, and I realized it was time to register for the 2021 event! So, I thought, “why not?” and reached out again, and graciously, my request was granted, and within days, I had an invitation from NYRR to register!

The bib I received is a non-complimentary bib, which means the regular price ($295), but given the difficulty to obtain entry (via lottery, time qualification, or charity entrance), it was worth more than its weight in gold to me, and I am so grateful. With COVID restrictions, the field is down to 33,000, which is down its usual range near 50K.

On top of it being the first NYC Marathon back since the pandemic, it’s also the 50th running, and I am looking forward to all of the excitement built around that!

This weekend, I did some research on our travel – hotel, entertainment, etc – but of course, am open to any and all suggestions as I create a bucket list of experiences for the trip!

After a rough year of managing race disappointment, it is so exciting to be anticipating something MAJOR again! So, not like I am counting but, let the 125 day countdown begin! 😉

*For obvious reasons, I am leaving out my contact’s info 🙂

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