Recap: #VAisforrunDisneylovers

Bag of goodies
Bag of goodies!

Yesterday around noon, I packed up my car with all the essentials – my runDisney racecation photo book, my scrapbook from our 2010 trip to Disneyland and a change of clothes en route to the first OFFICIAL #VAisforrunDisneylovers meetup with my pals Christine and Katie.

Car Selfie.

The agenda was as follows:

  • 1 PM – Meet up with Christine at Short Pump Town Center at Lululemon
  • 3:15 PM – Drive over to Katie’s (since she works on Saturdays, we were meeting just after she got back home)…and COMMENCE HAVING FUN!

Very detailed, right? 😉 Well, it was a good thing it wasn’t because traffic had other plans for both me and Christine! Due to lots of traffic congestion, I didn’t arrive in Short Pump til after 1:30 PM and I still had to make my cupcake pitstop for meetup refreshments! At the shopping center near Frostings, I had to circle the lot around three times before finding a spot, purchasing the sweets then getting back on the road to quickly reach Lulu by about 1:45 PM!

Cupcake Magic <3
Cupcake Magic ❤

No matter! Christine and I met up, browsed around the shopping center, then proceeded on to Katie’s! Hooray!

Once there, I had to do a cupcake ‘show and tell’ so we knew what would be awaiting us on our return from our run: Red Velvet, Lemon Burst, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate chip Cookies and Creme and two Girl Scout cookie varieties: Samoa and Thin Mint! Yum city!! With our appetites sufficiently whetted, we headed out for a 5-ish mile run (Christine is tapering for Shamrock Half next weekend)!

Katie and Christine.
Katie and Christine.

The cool thing about the running path Katie lives near is that it’s really varied! We started the run with a little path, then headed up some steep stairs and over the floodgate wall. The water was moving pretty fast!

Tank and shades!
Tank and shades!

On top of the great company, it was also fabulous weather! Right under 60 degrees, sunshine-y and no wind! I found it mildly humorous that I was out in a sleeveless top and a running skirt just three days after our region had received quite a bit of snowfall.

Artwork along the Canal Path.
Artwork along the Canal Path.

The run took us by more urban scenes, too! Running along the Canal path we passed by lots of people out walking, some neat murals and art on the walls and even some people doing some photoshoots. The vibe was really lighthearted running around that area, so that paired with the flowing conversation, our miles were ticking off effortlessly.

Christine and Katie running in front of me.
Christine and Katie running in front of me.
"Now strike your best running pose!"
“Now strike your best running pose!”

We were just having a blast! Passing by the waterways, Katie shed her expert knowledge on us regarding the fresh water supply and other environmental issues. It is so cool to have such passionate friends!

Edutaining (educating and entraining) us.
Edutaining (educating and entertaining) us.

Before turning around to head back to Katie’s place, we stopped at some signage along the canal area and Katie told us about warnings to not eat the fish from the waterway, due to possible mercury contamination. A few minutes later, we saw a more visual depiction of that:

Don't eat the catfish!
Don’t eat the CATFISH (eels or carp)!

Yikes! Thanks for the warning 😉

YUM! Space water!
YUM! Space water!

Back at Katie’s, we changed clothes and got right to refueling. Katie was sure to pour me a tall glass of SPACE water 😉

Scientifically proven cupcake eating method?
Scientifically proven cupcake eating method?

…and I learned about a NEW way to eat cupcakes! Katie explained slicing the cupcake, then sandwiching the icing/frosting creates a more idea cake to icing ratio. MIND BLOWN.


…but I still ate mine the old fashioned way! YUM (disclaimer: I just held it up to take a picture. I am a total weirdo and eat my cupcake with a fork and knife – think THIS)

After our cupcakes, we chatted a bit then decided to head out for dinner. Katie threw out a few ideas before we eventually decided on a place called Comfort, which, aptly named, is a comfort food restaurant that even serves Atlanta-raise Katie’s fave, sweet tea 🙂


I went with water when we arrived ^^ but there definitely is something whimsical about serving beverages in mason jars 🙂

The dinner menu was large and varied – you could pick any entrees, then two or three of the side dishes, which included Southern faves like mac and cheese, grits, mashed potatoes, fried okra, squash, broccoli, brussel sprouts and more.

Grilled pork chop, mac and cheese, brussel sprouts.
My pick: grilled pork chop, mac and cheese, brussel sprouts.

The meal was really good and I am really glad that I chose to get the gravy on the side – it definitely wasn’t needed! There is something to be said about just salt and pepper seasoning…mmm!

We chatted for a good while about all kinds of things – running, Disney, traveling, career plans, pets…all that good stuff. In fact, we chatted so much we kept getting our drinks refilled and didn’t think about leaving until the smell of smoke (from the kitchen, not cigarettes) began to nudge us toward carrying on the rest of the convo back at Katie’s place!

Back at the apartment...
Back at the apartment…

So, back at the apartment….Katie tried her key fob on the electronic door entry and for some reason, it was acting wonky – so we walked to the other side and had issues there, too! Katie called the management office, but received only a pager message, we we walked back again. Once there, we ran into another resident who was having similar concerns…after some brainstorming, he resorted to trying to knock on windows, play sounds on the cellphone and more…we were outside for a good while before he disappeared again, then was able to open the door from us from the inside! Yay!

Back inside, we split the Thin Mint cupcake (all that scheming deserved a treat, we decided) and so I had two left (strawberry and lemon) to take home to my hubs. It was nearly 10 PM by then and since Christine and I had hour plus drives home, our meetup drew to a close then and we bid each other farewell.

In all, it was a really fabulous day – from the friends to the weather and the food – and for the first time a long while, I was glad that we lived in VA 😉 Thanks, ladies – for a fun-tastic day!

Do you plan active dates with your friends? Have you ever seen that cupcake eating method? How do you eat your cupcakes?

26 thoughts on “Recap: #VAisforrunDisneylovers

  1. Sounds like you ladies had a fun time! Can’t believe with all the cupcakes you have eaten (so not a bad thing!) that you hadn’t eaten one like sandwich. Every bit has frosting. 🙂

  2. I LOVE that you all got together! I really wish you lived closer, or I lived closer. We need to plan a racecation for sure!

    And those cupcakes look amazing!!!

    • Yes! As soon as I figure out what is going on in my work life I would love to plan something fun!!

  3. Oh my goodness what an exciting day!! Glad y’all had a great meetup!! :0)
    P.S. – WOW the cupcake idea! Never thought of that!! Love it!

    • It was super fun! Are you coming to Dumbo Dare? I am starting the process of planning something really fun for that! 😀

  4. I cut the cupcake in half horizontally, then distribute the frosting on a bite by bite basis. I’m still working my way through DC’s cupcake options, so if you have any recommendations feel free to share…

    • 😀 Hehe…right? I always have this first instance that it’s getting overplayed or kitschy, but the second I take my first sip…I love them again 😉

  5. Mmmm, cupcakes!! I need to get me a Samoa cupcake ASAP! Sounds like a fun time!! I eat my cupcakes really weird – I take the bottom off and either eat it first or throw it away – it’s all about the frosting (with the top of the cupcake) with me! 🙂

    • Hahah, you are a frosting gal! We could split cakes together, I am all about the cake!!

  6. Sounds like you had fun Krissy! My wife and I run together occasionally but thats probably about as close as I will ever get to a “run date” .

    • Thanks, Kyle! That’s cool that you and your wife run together! Hubs rarely lets me run with him, lol….just two races together so far and one local run.

  7. Thank you for posting these pics from Frostings! I never knew about it! I just tried them last weekend when I went to see my sister who lives in Glen Allen. So yummy! I might have to visit her more often now, lol 😉

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