Half Marathon Goals

At this time tomorrow, I will be in Williamsburg, VA, less than an hour away from my 7th half-marathon.


(Past half- marathons: WDWDLPrincessBlue RidgeWine and Dine Tinkerbell)

I am really excited about this race for a few reasons – one, I am traveling down there with my Richmond friend Katie, a great running friend who I ironically met at WDW, two – It’ll be a new experience, racing mid-day (the race starts at 1:10 PM) and three – I am gunning for a PR!

My current PR is from almost exactly a year ago at the 2012 Princess Half Marathon. I ran a 1:47:06 so that is the time to beat tomorrow. Analyzing the splits of my fastest halves so far, I know I physically can best them so I am going to need to put my mind to it! The course sounds quite a bit more challenging than my previous Disney flat and fast ones, but I am up to the challenge and ready to see what I can do!

For this race, I’ve lowered my training mileage significantly, which I was a bit nervous about (since I have basically been in 26.2 training for the past two years) but I think my body has also enjoyed the break. My longest LR since the Tinkerbell Half last month has been 12 miles but that felt good and sustainable (despite the cold) and the weather is supposed to clear up significantly tomorrow.

Today, I slept in really late, had a nice waffle breakfast and will be chilling around the house working on papers and other associated schoolwork – staying off my feet and hydrating like a boss. Tonight I’ll put the finishing touches on a rocking playlist (I have decided to go with music this time) and just repeat to myself: you’ve got this.

Any fun weekend plans for you? 

Special SHOUT OUT to my friends running Princess tomorrow! Wish I was there ❤

7 thoughts on “Half Marathon Goals

  1. Good luck tomorrow! That’s an odd start time! College student hours? Reminds me of my old cross-country running days in England where meets always started at 2pm and were followed by tea. If you see any peeps sporting SRRC shirts, say hello – that will be several members of my running club who are making the trip down! Best wishes for a speedy run and a new PR!

  2. Good Luck tomorrow! I too will be running my 7th half!! Start time is 8am so here is hoping to 2 amazing PR’s tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear how you did. Best of luck!!

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