Wicked Good Times Ahead!

Beyond stoked at how my race schedule is filling out…some recent additions:


The Wicked 10K on October 27 – I am so excited, hubs and I will spend the weekend at Virginia Beach – haven’t been there since the Shamrock Marathon – and this race just happens to be organized by those fine folks. More than a race, J&A Racing sure know how to put on a PARTY! Of course, I’ll be running costumed (no hints yet, although I can assure you it will involve SPARKLE).

Not registered yet, but entering the lottery and CROSSING MY FINGERS for…

{April 28, 2013}

YEAH! The Nike Women’s Half Marathon is kicking off their FIRST race on the East coast and you better believe that I am STOKED at the possibility of getting in to this race. You can register now if you’re interested in fundraising with Team in Training here, which I definitely recommend (check out my experience with Team in Training here). Until 2013, the Nike Women’s marathonย  had been exclusively a San Francisco thing…and speaking of which…


I found out last night that I made it onto the team of 40 runners who will represent the 2013 San Francisco Marathon as Ambassadors! (blog post here). I knew that the announcement was coming out on October 1st, but had no idea when it would happen (with the time change and all) and so was just returning from dinner with the hubs when I received a text from my nuun-mate, Kelsey:


Immediately, I checked my email and proceeded to do the happy-freak-out-dance crazy thing…kinda like Snoopy’s dance:

I am beyond ecstatic to take on the official role and will be sharing more information about the race and my involvement as soon as I get the details to share! Until then, I’ve started to compile a twitter list of my fellow ambassadors (subscribe here) and have started to “meet” my colleagues via social media, which is great!

So, to recap…October 27, April 28 and June 16 – save the date for awesomeness!! Hope to see y’all out there on the course!!

What’s your next big event on your calendar?

14 thoughts on “Wicked Good Times Ahead!

  1. Congrats on being a San Fran race Ambassador. What fabulous news. I am still trying to talk Christine into the Wicked 10k. Would love to run that and it would be fun to meet you. By the way, you and she both work for same company…small world!

  2. Congrats on being chosen as an Ambassador! How exciting!! I am hopeful for the NWHalf as well…

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