Thursday Thoughts: The McMillan Running Calculator.

My McMillan Calculations, based on my recent 10K

So after thinking more about the topics in my post earlier this week, I decided to take a little visit over to the McMillan Running Calculator. Now, I always thought this was a pretty interesting and helpful training tool, but it wasn’t until this week that I was totally amazed by it.

And why? Well take a look at a few of my race PRs…

10K – 48:01 (Pepsi 10K, September 2012) – my post here.

Half-Marathon – 1:47:06 (Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon, February 2012)  – my post here.

20K – 1:41:17 (Leesburg 20K, August 2012) – my post here.

YES! They all match up…for a 3:45 marathon. This, my friends, is a good thing. I mean, sure, my BIG goal here is to sub 3:35 (my Boston qualifying time) but here, now, a little more than two years into my running journey – and the numbers are stacked in my favor to be ~10 minutes from an incredible goal? I am stoked.

I am going to take all that I’ve been learning – from running, blogging and reading all of your amazing feedback (seriously, friends, I am so incredibly inspired by all of the amazing knowledge that y’all have been dropping on me lately) and keep moving forward! After all, that’s what it says on my RoadID!

Do you use the McMillan Running Calculator? Or something else? Share!

16 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: The McMillan Running Calculator.

  1. I absolutely use the McMillan calculator. They say it is accurate with a good training program with mileage to back it up. My shorter races are usually slightly faster than my marathon equivalence but maybe it is because I am afraid to go faster and just want to hit my goal.

    You will get your BQ in time and I am so happy to see someone who isn’t rushing it. It hurts a lot more to go for it and crash than to go for what we are trained for and have an amazing race just that much closer to our goal.

    The calculator is also great for giving you training paces. Love that thing!

  2. AND, I forgot to mention….you just started your training cycle. I bet you will drop a minute or 2 off that 10k by the end of the cycle. 🙂

  3. How awesome that your times match up…sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing! Last time I looked at McMillan everything matched up except my marathon time. McMillan says I should run a 3:24 but my PR is 3:37!

  4. I do use McMillan calculator and have used his training plans before as well. They’re the most accurate in my opinion. There is NO doubt in my mind that you can achieve a 3:45 marathon. I can’t wait to see you work for and achieve this. You got this baby! Watch out 3:45 Krissy is coming after you!

    • The marathon definitely is a beast!! I know what you mean about certain issues that seem inevitable. Still, I know that you have that potential to achieve your goals so I will never stop believing that 🙂

  5. Not so sure how accurate the calculator was for me. It said I should be running a 3:00 hr marathon and that has not happened yet. I will keep dreaming about it so maybe someday it will happen. 🙂
    Love your wise words, you can do it.

    • Thanks, Tasha! I am incredibly inspired by athletes like you and it means so much to have your support.

  6. 5 years ago a friend with a lot more running experience than me told me to never rely on race pace predictor calculators for a marathon. As he said before I ever understood it, the marathon is a completely different beast. The best thing to do is set a goal, include marathon goal pace miles, then go for it on race day.

    • I agree with that to a certain extent. At Shamrock, I was 99 percent sure a 3:45 was in the cards for me, but I didn’t have a great pacing strategy, which was definitely one of those ‘hindsight’ revelations.

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