The Treadmill Diaries.

Here goes…

Alrighty then.

So, this happened. Yeah, it wasn’t cool, but you know what, I’m flexible…then, much to my surprise, I was greeted by something pretty wonderful this weekend, when I went to go inspect the situation:


Wow, expeditious servicing! Magical day! Dreams really do come true – hah, I was just so darn excited to see what seemed like a swift resolution to my early morning running concerns. Huzzah!

But wait – what seemed like – um, oh. Yeah. About that.

Silly me didn’t actually try to START or RUN on the treadmill when I checked it this past weekend and saw that new plug. So imagine my surprise this morning when I arrived downstairs at 5:30 AM, running gear on, Pandora blasting in my ears and was greeted by a wholly nonfunctional piece of machinery.

Back to the drawing board the condo I retreated, dumping off my water bottle and headphones – exchanging them for my LED running hat and reflective vest (more about this amazing thing later). Halfway down the stairs back to attempt the run again, I realized that I forgot my Garmin, but decided to go with the Nike+ app on the iPhone instead because I was already losing precious time.

So, there I was, ready to embark on my short Monday morning run (I usually hit 3-4 on Mondays, at a slightly higher pace). I took off and was feeling pretty good…when the app read out my mile pace, it was right around 7 minutes. WHOA NELLY, slow down! I toned it down for about a minute until I realized, “hey, I can try and PR my 5K time this morning!” (current 5K PR is 23:28).

Then, I took off! For a mile.

See, my shin started spazzing a little – I wasn’t sure if it was from being on my feet all day yesterday (we went to King’s Dominion) or what, but I did not like how it felt. So, I cut it off at 2 (or 2.01 if you want to be technical) and finished with a 14:51 (7:25 pace).

I felt good about it – no unofficial personal record is worth sacrificing my legs for (especially considering I am racing a 10K this weekend) and after all, I hadn’t prepared for an outdoor run that morning anyway šŸ˜‰

I was sure to give the Building Management folks a call to let them know about the treadmill situation (and they already returned my call, score!) so I hope to have a few TM sessions again in the future because I do believe in the power of running variety šŸ™‚

So, long story short – there’s still a broken treadmill – but I didn’t let it break my stride šŸ˜‰

Where do you prefer to do your morning run?

16 thoughts on “The Treadmill Diaries.

  1. I definitely will always run outside. I cannot stand the Dreadmill…if I had to run on that every morning, I would rather not run at all honestly. I have been running outside too long to do the indoor thing. I feel like a hamster stuck in a wheel.

    • Haha I get the sentiment. However, I live in a place that is very poorly lit and I don’t feel safe early morning by myself šŸ™‚ better safe than sorry!!

  2. The dreadmill and I have a love-hate relationship. It’s great for tempo runs (or when there’s horrible weather), but otherwise, I prefer to run outside. Glad you didn’t let the broken treadmill break your stride. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Carrie! I totally get it! I love tempo on the TM, and anytime I want to zone out on a run at a controlled pace.

  3. I always prefer running outside but lately I found myself enjoying the treadmill because it is so damn hot outside and I just can not for the life of me get used to the hills in my neighborhood. I don’t mind the occasional hill but when that is all there is, it’s stinks. So, with that I have learned to embrace the TM. xoxo

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