Motivation on a Monday.

Remember this post?

Well, it’s one day early, but I’m officially putting an end to the hiatus – no surprise to most of you reading this, of course, since you’ve probably seen that I’ve been back on twitter and the like for the last few days, anyway 😉

twitter: i love it so.

Despite the fact that I didn’t quite stick with my parameters, I still consider the experience a success. Why?

  • Distancing myself from facebook and twitter allowed me to refocus on WHY I use these forms of social media to communicate. Simply put, being “away” from my friends on these platforms made me realize how important these people – some I have never met IRL (in real life) mean to me. Social media truly is a valuable form of relationship building, and stepping away from it emphasized how “connected” my life has become.
  • My return to twitter (before facebook) taught me many things – one, that I prefer a clean, linear layout, and secondly – I am always down for a fast-paced conversation (hello, #runchat!) But really – it’s an amazing prospect – communicating in a limited character space (I now think in 140 characters) has challenged me to become more concise in my communication style. No more rambling for days…that’s what this blog is for, right? 😉
  • After an initial dip, I actually gained followers in the past 2 weeks – from August 17’s 1,184 followers to this morning’s 1,208 – perhaps the lesson here is the time-tested one: quality over quantity (when it comes to tweets).

These are but a few revelations that made themselves clear to me, as I contemplated this “lessons learned” post – and while I could wax poetic on the 1,208 other reasons I am glad I did what I did, each could be wrapped up in one over-arching statement – and that is: I realized that social media is no longer a choice.

We live in a world that is constantly plugged in. Our choices on how we want to connect with it are many, but based upon our interests, chosen career fields, ‘stage’ in life and place we live, it’s more and more important to embrace the technology that surrounds us. Though it may often get a bad rap as a “time suck” or source of endless procrastination, social media can do so much more: connect us to friends, clubs, associations, earn us discounts, reunite classmates and yes, even inspire us to live fuller lives.

I love social media and I am not afraid to admit it – and I am excited to share that I will be taking a course this semester in Social Media Management as part of my Master’s program to elevate that interest into an even more marketable skill.

What is your preferred form of social media?

5 thoughts on “Motivation on a Monday.

  1. Welcome back Krissy! I have also had periods where I cut off from social media (twitter, facebook) but usually because I’m feeling just so overwhelmed and need to disconnect for a bit. I usually end up coming back, though I must admit I prefer twitter to Facebook. Facebook had just gotten “fake” and I rarely use it now. The big question is why I prefer Twitter. I’m not really sure. Possibly because I feel there is more social interaction on Twitter? In any case, I’m glad your back and love your observations. Can’t wait to hear about that class you’ll be taking!

    • I know what you mean about FB’s artificial facade – it’s kind of funny, because during my break, hubs and I watched “The Social Network” for the first time since we saw it in theaters and it really reminded me of what FB USED to be like. When I first got FB, I was in college and it was so cool then! Haha…

  2. That is a tough question! I would have to say FB. I go through phases of twitter and I usually only post on my blog 2-3 times per week. I don’t wanna be one of “those” people that post blogs every day or twice a day….

    • One thing with Twitter that you have to remember with your blog posts is you have a narrow window of time in which people will actually read it. If you post a link to it 2-3 times a day, very rarely will someone see it more than once. Very rarely will people go and seek out your profile to see what you posted earlier in the day. Don’t fear becoming on of “those” people unless you post the same link to your post 2-3 times in an hour.

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