Tune in Tuesday: Long Runs & Motivation edition.

This Sunday, I ran 11 miles around town – up and down hills, through neighborhoods, beside busy roadways and more. Although I’ve been doing shorter runs (and races) music-less, the long run is a particular beast when done alone. With the group, I can complete lots of miles without the iPod, but when the duration of a run surpasses an hour or so…it’s a whole new ballgame.

A few months back, I mentioned listening to podcasts and got some great suggestions from y’all. Since then, I’ve found my groove – first portion of the run: WDW Radio Show – this works especially well when it’s a LONGER episode – then followed up with more upbeat music. This combination (for me) has allowed a steady, slower buildup, before picking up (a little) speed in the later miles. I’m not gonna lie and say it was an easy run (holy humidity!) but let’s just say that ice bath felt pretty awesome afterward!!

But anyway, this is a Tune in Tuesday post; so here is what I wanted to share…

After my podcast came to an end, I realized I had wiped the music from my iPod. Not to fear – I switched over the FM radio and an interesting show happened to be on: the Ongoing History of New Music. Just as I tuned in, the commentator was talking about the end of grunge with Nirvana – and then the void left for artists like Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. As the decades and genres moved on, both clips and full length of songs were interspersed, making for a pretty entertaining experience.

Here are a few songs that pushed me along those tougher stretches:

…and yes, even:

It was nice to have this random variety to keep me moving at the end of the run – and though I was not quite as excited when a few slower numbers came on (hello, Radiohead’s “Karma Police” – a good song on its own, but not when you’re already suffering around Mile 9-ish) it was fun to run to something out of the ordinary – and bonus, my Yurbuds are still going strong (love that they sound great, but don’t block out road / nature noise) which keeps me entertained and safe!

How do you +1 your long runs?

2 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday: Long Runs & Motivation edition.

  1. Am I totally old for not knowing what +1 means? I don’t listen to music when I run. Decided back when I was training for my first BQ that I didn’t want to go to Boston and bury myself in random tunes, so I quit cold turkey. It’s been about five years now, so I’m totally used to it. I like it because my favorite thing about running is having quiet time to myself in the morning and I get that. On long runs, I get a LOT of that!

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