Running Wisdom

Last night, I attended a Long Distance Training Tips Clinic as part of my marathon training group. While this is my third full-cycle of marathon training, I definitely still feel like a newbie to it all in many ways, and so it was definitely a treat to hear tips from our experienced coach.

Crossing the finish line at UVM; tough race, great day!

In the course of about an hour and 15 minutes, we heard about the importance of mixing up terrain, Quality and Recovery workouts, hill work and track repeats, as well as nutrition guidelines and appropriate goal-setting. There were many great lessons learned, but the most memorable piece of advice came in these three simple guiding principles:

  1. Stay Injury Free
  2. Enjoy It!
  3. Achieve a Goal

As simple as they sound, I couldn’t agree more! Training for endurance events is tough – taking a moment to just reflect on what you’re doing and why – can make a world of difference.

Each of us are on different journeys in our running – and really, in life. We should all strive to run healthy and free, push ourselves to new heights (that are appropriate for us) and have fun along the way. Sure, not every moment is going to be blissful, but to reach for those shining moments – crossing the finish line, rocking a PR, or just coasting along a gorgeous path with friends – that’s what makes it all worth it!

What keeps you RUNNING?

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16 thoughts on “Running Wisdom

  1. Nice post! I think since I’ve cut down on running, I am hitting #1 and #2. As for #3, well, I’m not really sure what my running-related goals should be. Pushing for a PR, I’ve learned after 6 years, isn’t right for me right now. Maybe #3 should be “to accomplish #1 and #2”! Oh, and quantity… I eventually want to hit 100 halfs and maybe 100 fulls, too.

    • Hey Julie! Thanks for the comment – yes, it is awesome to make alternate goals, too! Our coach said whether it’s your goal to qualify for the Olympics (one of the athletes he coaches is there now!) or to commit to running 3X a week, every goal is special and important πŸ˜€

  2. After running for 15 years now, it’s purely the love of running that keeps me in the game. It’s part of my very make up. Yes, you need to train smart, respect your body, and do your best to stay injury free b/c it’s that journey that we all crave, more than the destination, even if we don’t know it.

  3. What keeps me running is how much I genuinely enjoy it! This post was great advice! I used to dread running hut I learned to enjoy it by seeking the positives of it, and now I love it!!!! Thanks for the tips! SPA love!

  4. I think #2 is definitely important. That’s what keeps me running. Just the joy of going and going and running faster and doing it all with my body.

  5. Love the 3 rules! Unfortunately I have a tough time with the “stay injury free” one too often 😦

  6. I wish I was part of #1 right now but I’m having some knee issues in my training. Not sure right now if the marathon will happen. I still have some time but I’m trying not to keep my hopes too high just in case. I love running so much! If I miss out on the marathon, so be it. I just want to run pain free again!

    • Hope your knee feels better!! There will be more marathons, your health is the most important πŸ™‚

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