Keep me honest.

It’s been five months since I made my big announcement – that I have dreams of running Boston.


In that time, I’ve:

In this time, I’ve also learned a lot – like, running a marathon is hard. Okay, well, I already knew that – but I learned that when you want something bad enough, you’re willing to put in the work. Although the two 26.2 distance races of 2012 haven’t gone ideally, they have proved their worth as benchmarks in the continuing quest to improvement.

For those of you that have run a marathon before, you know what I am saying when I say that the thoughts that pop into your mind immediately after crossing the finish line are usually the opposite of what you should be thinking –  in some form. For example, most think, “NEVER AGAIN!” But for me, this time I seriously pondered my 2012 marathon future – was that my last 26.2 of the year?

Things to consider:

  • Qualification for Boston 2014 begins September 22, 2012 – though not explicitly stated, that would seem to me that a 2013 go would have to be before that. Considering weekend races, that would mean the ‘last go’ for 2013 would have to be the weekend of September 15-16.
  • A mid-September race would mean MAX 14 weeks between this week and race week.
  • Training for a September race of course means SUMMER TRAINING (for better or for worse).

With these thoughts in mind, I have seriously considered registering to train/run with the local track club. But if I do that, I want / need to have a goal race.

And oh, these are just some of the many thoughts I have swirling around my brain…


  • Perhaps I should look at a late Fall marathon to qualify for 2014 instead?
  • Maybe Boston 2014 would be a better “place” for me? In April 2014, I’ll be turning 30 years old. That could be a nice birthday present, right? But then will I regret not giving 2013 a go?


If you’re still with me on this (congratulations, seriously) I feel like there are four distinct options…

Option A: September Marathon

This option would require me to start training like, yesterday – as well as choose a suitable race.

  • PROS: With the right training and avoidance of injuries, Boston 2013 could be a possibility.
  • CONS: Very little recovery time, training through the summer, have to make a lot of decisions really fast.

Option B: Late Fall Marathon

This option would allow some recovery time from this past marathon, but would mean “good-bye” to a 2013 chance.

  • PROS: Recovery time, more time to find a race, possibly find someone in training team to ‘run race with.’
  • CONS: No 2013 chance, training through summer, fall can get very busy (school, work, scheduling conflicts – we’re going to Disney in November for Wine and Dine)

Option C: WDW Marathon as a BQ Race.

This option means my (already registered for) WDW Marathon would be a competitive race, as opposed to it being a fun run.

  • PROS: I am already registered, trip already planned, I could train for this with the group, it’s flat.
  • CONS: This would be for 2014, I might regret not ‘enjoying’ this race.

Option D: Other

Your ideas?

Please leave a comment or use my fun lil poll I’ve created below!

25 thoughts on “Keep me honest.

  1. I voted for late fall… I don’t think you’d want to ruin your WDW experience with that kind of pressure.

    I really admire your dedication to your BQ goal. I could only dream of dreaming up that kind of goal for myself since I’ve been running for years and am injury-and burn-out-prone. I’m sure no matter how you go about it, you’ll get there if that motivation stays where it is.

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement, Julie. I am so glad to have a friend like you!!

  2. Qualifying for Boston is HARD, I tried at multiple races before I got it right. Don’t rush yourself. Train hard and you will see the results. I think a later fall marathon is a smarter idea as it gives you time to recover from Utah and get a proper training cycle in.

    • Thanks for your wise words, Robin. I always appreciate your encouragement and guidance!!

  3. Option B…It’ll be a cool thing to do when you turn 30. Believe me, you’ll want something neat when you do…I’m turning 30 in November and I can see it being depressing.

  4. I agree with option B. Training in the summer is hard. Been there, done that. Sometimes it depends on the type of summer you have (I live in the desert and there are huge differences from year to year). Plus celebrating turning 30 by doing Boston is pretty cool.

    (by they way, I’m currently working on a post on how I brought my marathon time down from 4:10 to a PR of 3:16. It should be up in a couple hours.)

  5. I agree with Robin. BQing is hard, and it took me several failed attempts to do it. It is not just about getting the right day for a marathon. It is about planning for a BQ and doing what you can to set yourself up for a BQ from Day 1 of your training. Can you do that in 14 weeks? Maybe, but probably not. Get stronger, physically and mentally. Learn from Utah, but get yourself removed from your most recent marathon. Don’t let your emotions rush you now. Be careful about letting your mind and body rest. Build your confidence. Be cautious about back-to-back marathons, unless you can plan them in advance and really understand how to train smart. Consider taking a running break before you ramp up again. I have no doubt that you can BQ … it just takes time. Don’t hurry the process.

    I ran 5 marathons and BQed in my 4th. My times went 3:55, 3:57, 3:52 (Chicago and 1st real BQ attempt), 3:31 (Shamrock), and 3:31. Chicago did not go the way I hoped. Although I trained to run a BQ, I just didn’t get the right day. I trained harder and smarter the next time around. Ran faster. Strength trained. Foam rolled. Did yoga. Improved my mental skills. Everything came together in a perfect race at Shamrock. I really had no idea ahead of time for that first 3:31 that I could do it. The fact that I turned around again and hit an an identical time 4 weeks later meant I must have done something right. Of course, my something right and your something right could be completely different things. Your mileage will vary 🙂

    • I am so thankful for your well-worded reply here, Karen. Thanks for offering your experience-backed thoughts, I especially loved the last phrase!! 🙂

  6. Honestly I would go for Option A. You only live once and if you miss the BQ then you can certainly try again in the spring with tons of experience under your belt. Why wait really?

    • There always has to be an opposing opinion, right? 🙂 Hehe, thanks for stopping by and offering your thoughts!!!

  7. Also, I don’t think anyone knows exactly what will happen with Boston registration now that the new standards kick in. In theory, fewer people will qualify and everyone who registers will get in. In practice, eh, we’ll see in September. Even this year, you could have qualified and not made it in … the actual qualifying times were about 1 minute 15 seconds below the standards.

    • So agree with this too – between the new standards and the deferments this year, it’s interesting…

  8. I vote late Fall. You have been running some amazing races, and training your butt off, so you deserve a break. You should also enjoy WDW and run that for fun like you planned. I am confident that Boston will happen for you! YOU CAN DO IT! But you gotta have fun and listen to your body too!

    • Thanks, Krysten! So glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts and encouragement 😀

  9. Hey Lady! I vote trying to qualify for 2014. Take some pressure off you and your legs. I like the idea of running Boston around your 30th bday too. You’ll get there, Krissy! I have so much faith in you. Also, this is late, but I love the new blog look.

    • Thanks for commenting, Allie 🙂 And thanks for the compliment! i am getting used to the layout still lol!

  10. I am no expert but my advise would be to take your time and continue to build your base. You have a lofty goal to achieve and if you try too soon you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Do the earlier races as training runs, with no expectation of a BQ. Aging up is always a good thing too. You can do this, you’ve got what it takes, just take it day by day. xo

  11. OMG I have been SLACKING on my blog reading!!! I have thoughts on this. Ok you first need to see if you can find a good BQ race before the September deadline… my dearest friend Brittany has been searching far and wide for a good BQ race so that she can qualify for Boston 2013 and she’s had a tough time finding a good one…so let that help with your decision making process! And if you can’t find a good one, just give it another year. Rehoboth was a WONDER PR/BQ race. Flat/fast/fabulous. And you could stay with me in my beach house hehe 🙂

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