How to Beat Disney Withdrawals.

It’s May – we have trips planned to Walt Disney World for November (for Wine and Dine Half Marathon) and then January (WDW Marathon). I couldn’t be more ecstatic to become immersed in the Disney magic whilst engaging in my favorite pastime of running.

So magical.

Sure, there are people that will never understand why I am so Disney-obsessed (though you could check out a few reasons why here) but for those who feel the same way, here are a few simple ways to get over the ‘downtime’ between trips to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Me and my pal April – just hanging with Marie. In France. In Epcot. NBD.
  1. Relive the memories of your trip  – whether that means creating a family video, an old-school scrapbook comprised of 500+ photos (yeah, what can I say, I had lots of things to take pictures of in Disneyland in 2010, heh) or just flipping through a Facebook album, it’s fun to treasure those little moments.
  2. Listen to Disney-related Radio – Most of the time at work, I listen to Film Scores on Pandora radio – it’s nice elevator-esque music that isn’t too distracting to others (I work at a reception desk). The mix often involves soundtracks to films like Independence Day, Band of Brothers and Contact (all in the Soarin’ loop). If that isn’t enough, I tune in to Magic 24.7 radio, which features audio loops from the Disney parks.
  3. Subscribe to Disney-related Podcasts – As mentioned in a previous blog post, I decided to try listening to podcasts for my long runs – great success! I had a great time listening to WDW Radio. The host, Lou Mongello goes ABOVE AND BEYOND in finding fun topics, trivia, exclusive cast member and celebrity interviews, as well as a fun assortment of audio clips and editing to keep you engaged. You can learn so much from these podcasts!
  4. (Social) network with other Disney fans – last fall, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I applied for the runDisney spot on the Walt Disney World Mom’s Panel. No, I am not a mom, but yes, I jumped at the chance of more Disney involvement throughout the year. I went through the application process – even made it to the 2nd level, but didn’t go past that  this time around.  Although it was disappointing, I came out the experience with a plethora of new contacts. I would not trade that experience for anything, simply due to the fact that I made so many new friends.
  5. Plan Another Trip – Okay, this might not be the most thrifty option for most people, but it does help! Often times, making plans for a trip can be a huge part of the trip experience itself, so dream big! Ordering planning materials and checking out websites or blogs definitely is fun! And creating a countdown for your next magical adventure definitely is a surefire way to beat the blues.

As Disney Vacation Club Members, we’re certainly lucky to know that a Disney trip will always be on our agenda, but it doesn’t make that craving for a Citrus Swirl any easier, either!

What are some tips you’d share with someone missing their last Disney vacation?

5 thoughts on “How to Beat Disney Withdrawals.

  1. I hear ya! Its really bad right after you get back! I will be back in november TWO DAY before wine and dine. trying to figure out how I can stay and run!

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