Podcasts for Running: Part II – your favorites!

Last week, I put out a call for podcast suggestions for long runs…the response was AMAZING!

If you're curious....ask!

I was so excited about the outcome, and was even more jazzed that the idea inspired others – in fact, my pal Megan even posted about her podcast finds and success! That’s one (of so many) things I love about the running / blogging / social media community – we’re all here to support each other!

Here are some of the popular picks that surfaced:

NPR podcasts: Wait Wait, Don’t tell Me – This American Life – Fresh Air – Car Talk – Books


Fitness-related podcasts: Jillian Michaels

Running-related podcasts: Marathon Talk

Humor / popular culture podcasts: Cocktails and Creampuffs

Thank you:

Aspaeris, Mindy Nienhouse from just a one girl revolution, Kali Price from Finishing Firsts, Heather from Just a Colorado Girl, Lindsay from Twisted Running and Megan from Running Toward the Prize.

Find even more here – the official Apple podcast page!

As for my long run – it went great! 18 miles up and down Charlottesville hills – finished in about 2 hrs, 41 minutes 🙂 I actually opted for a unique variety of audio entertainment – I checked out NPR’s Fresh Air Podcast, the NY Times Book Review Podcast and the WDW Radio Podcast 🙂 I was definitely entertained through the miles.

Riding on that success, I finished out this month strong – 4 recovery miles Sunday, 5 indoor interval miles Monday – for a grand total of….drum roll please…

Best month ever!

141 miles for April – highest mileage month for me EVER! As long as I can keep up training healthy and injury-free, May should be even more full of miles, just in time for taper madness into the first week of June and my first BQ attempt marathon 😀

Speaking of June…stoked to meet up with Lizzie this evening for our Utah planning session 🙂 It’ll be here before we know it!

Got any exciting summer plans?

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