No Foolin’ (A Weekend in DC, part I)

This was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time!

2 hour drive = caffeine required!

I started out Saturday morning, en route from Charlottesville to Washington DC! It’s about (+/-) 100 miles so I was sure to stop off at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way out of town to fuel up for the scenic but somewhat monotonous drive up Route 29. I kept myself entertained with NPR until the signal went beserk and then switched over to a random mix from my iTunes, via my iPhone.

The Good Ol' Metro.

I hopped on the Metro in Northern VA right into the district – the best (and most convenient) way around the city, for sure. My hotel was located in the Dupont/Logan area so I didn’t have to drag my suitcase around that much – my room wasn’t ready yet when I arrived, so I dropped it with Bell Services, then headed to sweetgreen for a lunchtime meetup with Katy! And no, we didn’t plan the jean jackets, we’re just cool like that! 😉 But really, it was awesome to finally meetup IRL since we have been blog/twitter friends for a good while!

(photo courtesy of The Singing Runner)

It was my first time to enjoy a meal @ sweetgreen, as I had tasted their fro-yo before (very tasty) but I really enjoyed it! Excellent company, conversation and culinary creations (like that alliteration?!) – what else could you ask for?!

The digs.

We were still chatting away  when it occurred to me that I had somehow, between walking from the hotel, to the restaurant, that I had misplaced my bag tag for my checked suitcase. So, Katy was kind enough to walk with me back to see if I could claim my bag and check-in…success! The room was ready (“Is a king deluxe going to work for you?!” – uh is that a real question?) and so we dragged my suitcase up to check it out….

Comfy! Modern! I loved it!

The room was so cool – eccentric and funky and surprisingly large! We were both amused at the interesting decor…

Neon armoire / minibar / thingamjig.

After a few minutes of checking out the rest of the spacey decor (cool light dimmer, rounded curtain rod, minimalist bathroom) it was time to get back out to explore! We parted ways at the Metro station and I headed to one of my favorite spots in the District…

Free, scenic and home of pandas: The National Zoo!

The weather was perfect for being outdoors and I was even able to see the stars of the show….

Giant Panda sighting 🙂

I meandered around the viewing area for a pretty long time, just relaxing and thinking about the life of a panda…

Chowin' down on bamboo!

l did some more walking around after the Asia Trail area – saw red pandas (!!) and then checked out the Zebras, too. Ironically enough, the most exotic creatures were not behind glass or enclosures…

Homo Sapiens.

Hah…really?! And that wasn’t all…


These ‘kids’ (old teenagers? early 20’s?) were doing this weird thing that reminded me of rollie pollies – jumping over each other and rolling back into formations…IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CROSSWALK! For the entire duration of the light! In fact, it turned to STOP and they were still out there, and cars were honking at them and flipping them off! It was pretty wild…like I said…humans are the craziest animal, that’s for sure! And speaking of crazy, I was just enjoying the sunshine so much that I refused to go back underground to the Metro and decided to hoof it to my next destination: Georgetown! With a quick check of Google maps, I was on my way…checking out the sights as I went.

Riverboat Bus!
View of Rock Creek Park from the bridge.
Really liked this PNC Bank Ad #runnerd

Once I reached Georgetown, my mission was going to be simple: obtain my favorite cupcakes! No, not the ones on the show with the namesake, but my personal favorites, Baked and Wired. I rave about them for a few reasons: delicious, underrated and not nearly as crowded! However, it appeared that my ‘little known’ cupcake spot is well…not so much a secret anymore! The line sneaked out the door and there were lots of NOISY tourist types! I know…snob…considering I am pretty much a tourist too, but anyway…I moved along to see what other adventures I could embark upon!

The C&O Canal.

The entire area was PACKED! Nevertheless, I enjoyed browsing through the high-end stores (visited Dean & Deluca for the first time – way to make anyone feel poor, lol) and even tried on a running skirt at the Georgetown Lulu (since that was the location I purchased my very first running skirt) but I left, empty-handed because they didn’t have the size/color I was looking for; probably for the best 😉 Thrift-ily enough, all I spent on my Georgetown excursion was $7, which was in the form of two cupcakes from Sprinkles since the line was short and my mouth began watering instantly when I recalled my yummy experience back in California. I decided I’d have one for dessert and the other for breakfast Sunday morning (chocolate marshmallow & cinnamon sugar) and then I made the trek back to the hotel, stopping in at the nearby Whole Foods for some hot food bar goodness.


Since the wind had started whipping pretty strongly by the time I reached the neighborhood of my hotel, that hot dinner was just what I needed to warm up! Yummy – tofu, beans, saffron rice & yes, a smidgen of mac and cheese right there, too. So tasty!


After a shower, I settled in to the comfy bed, talked to hubs on the phone and  then watched a little House Hunters before drifting off to sleep – 4:45 AM was going to come early…

Stay tuned for Pt II – tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “No Foolin’ (A Weekend in DC, part I)

  1. Your weekend looked epic! Nice hotel room! You are so funny.. yes I agree that the Homo Sapiens are by far the strangest creatures… think if aliens were to look down on us.. they would be perplexed. Thank you again for volunteering, you are one of the amazing Homo Sapiens. xo

    • LOL! I often think about that (aliens looking down at Earth) haha – and it was my pleasure to be out there! What a blast this weekend was!! 🙂

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Looking forward to part 2.

    As a side note, that stretch of 29 to Northern Virginia is one of the most painful, boring drives in the history of driving. I hate it!

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