Utah to Boston?!

The race….it has been chosen.

June 9, 2012


My friend and teammate Lizzie had been talking about this race for a while, and while I thought it sounded pretty cool, I thought…hmmm, Utah. That sounds far…then I went to the website and saw this:

…and I looked some more and saw this:

Net downhill!

This race was looking pretty fantastic…but still…Utah? I had more thinking to do….and then, like kismet, a good aquaintance back from my WSU days, Haley, posted on my wall suggesting this same race as BQ Attempt #1 – she’s moving to Utah and had already registered!

Um, so what’s a girl to do?


So yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have committed! I feel so… empowered? Scared? Exhilarated?!?

What did you do this week that SCARED you?

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12 thoughts on “Utah to Boston?!

  1. I looked at that race after you posted about it in the RunYourBQ forum this morning. All that downhill looks like it could end up being killer. I hate running lots of downhills, I find it too hard on my legs. Also, I looked at the average race day temperatures and it seemed like the chances of it being too warm for me were a little too high.

    But that’s me. Good luck!!!!

    • Yeah, I was looking at the stats too, but based on reading tons on reviews on marathon guide, it seems that there are actually some rolling sections and it is not steep. so it should be good.

      I guess 2 years ago it was really cold…so who knows what 2012 will bring…and you have to remember I started running in the Florida summer 😉

      Heh…did you find your race yet, Andy?

    • Hey Lisa! Thanks for the comment. I am very excited about this race and am so glad to have something to look forward to post-Shamrock. I am always excited to have concrete steps down to achieve new goals….

      Now, to find the best training plan….

  2. I ran Utah Valley last year! Trust me. There are a few hills! Don’t be deceived by the elevation map! LOL. I made the mistake of not training on hills and i paid for it. 😉

    I’ve got a few friends running the half and full, and i’ll be running a friend in for the last few miles of the full. Maybe i’ll see you there!! 🙂

    • I am SOOO glad to hear you say there are hills. Charlottesville is very hilly so I am a little wary of my race in a few weeks (Shamrock, in VA Beach) that is known to be flat, flat, flat.

      THANK YOU for coming and commenting, Ashley!!!

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