Wednesday Challenge! Last leg….

Feeling LUCKY!?

My fundraising deadline is MARCH 5.

That’s MONDAY (AKA five days from now) and I am no math expert, but I can tell you this – if I can raise $100 per day for the next five days, my total amount fundraised COULD be $2,500  a full $1,000 over my original fundraising goal, which would elevate my status to VIRGINIA ROCK-STAR.

So, if you didn’t already guess, I am pretty darn competitive…I want to be a rockstar!  But I also know that I’ve been SOOO blessed with support already, so maybe if you haven’t donated yet, you need a little incentive? Or just another reminder? So, here it is:


Click HERE today to make a donation of ANY amount (seriously, if all you have is $1, I welcome that! It all counts!) And it counts EVEN MORE if you are from Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennesssee, Utah or Wyoming – because then I’ll reach my personal goal of having support from all 50 states!

Please pass this along to anyone / everyone / RT / FB / I am soooo grateful for all of your help already and just cannot wait to run Shamrock and give a huge PUNCH IN THE FACE to CANCER with my amazing team!

So what are you waiting for? 😉

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Challenge! Last leg….

  1. I wish I had $500 extra so I could see that…by the way, if you end up doing it, that shade of green in the photo looks sort of radioactive, so be careful 🙂

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