Princess Ponderings…

Comparing 2011 Disneyland Half (left) to 2012 Princess Half (right)

Since I am oh-so-anxiously awaiting my official race photos, no official recap YET (I didn’t carry a camera on the course) but I did have a thought or two to share about the Princess Half Marathon today…


  • I PR’d.  As you can see above, I beat my Disneyland time by 1 min and 40 seconds.
  • Negative splits!
  • My costume was easy to wear and didn’t fall apart.
  • The weather was fantastic for running.


  • I didn’t hit my A (or A+) goal.
  • My Garmin clearly is off its rocker as I thought I was on track with sub-8 miles, but at the end of the race, it said I ran nearly 13.6 – and a 1:47 half = 8:10 average. I need to figure out what’s going on with the thing before 3/18…


Princess BLING!

What, did you think I was going to say UGLY?  Hah!  How could a weekend full of sparkle be ugly 😉

Any questions about the race?

I’d be glad to cover them in my recap!

12 thoughts on “Princess Ponderings…

  1. That’s a great PR! I suspect there’s nothing wrong with your Garmin – if the Princess is anything like the January half, it’s pretty difficult to run the tangents at Disney, and super easy to run a few tenths long. I would suspect you can run a shorter course in Va Beach.

    • Hmmm! Thanks for stopping in and updating 😀 I am sooo confused about my pace now 😉

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