Tune-in Tuesday! (Princess Edition)

Psssst…did you catch my Princess Playlist post? (oooh, alliteration)

As the last weekend in February quickly approaches, anticipation for my jaunt down to Florida (first since last January…too long!) is definitely following suit!  I have one last paper to write, one intro draft for a group project to construct, two class sessions (tonight and tomorrow night) some packing – and BLAMMO!  It’ll be time to jump on a plane for three fun-filled days in ORLANDO!

Once again wearing a medal around the parks...can't wait!

Now, hubby is not going to be going on this trip, though he will in November – and he seemed to be totally okay with that until yesterday!  I think it’s sinking in for him now how much FUN FUN FUN I am going to be having.  Hehe!  Well, he can rest assured that this trip might be a better one for him to sit out, considering the high estrogen levels that will be present…

So in the spirit of GIRL POWER  here’s a sample of some songs I’m listening to this week to get SUPER EXCITED for the race, Disney and most importantly, time with friends:

First, the song that was voted as the PUMP UP song for Mile 7 of the race:

Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

Hoku – Perfect Day

Hilary Duff – What Dreams are Made of

What are your GIRL POWER songs?  

3 thoughts on “Tune-in Tuesday! (Princess Edition)

  1. I am soooo jealous of all you ladies going down there this weekend. I really wish I had unlimited racing funds. Have fun and tweet often. 🙂

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