Hawaiian Disney Magic, pt 1: Welcome to our Villa!!

After MUCH anticipation, the day finally arrived on November 23, 2011…

At the check-in counter!!

After a morning of checking out a few open houses (my parents will likely move to Hawaii once they retire) hubs, my sis, my aunt and I loaded up the car and headed over to check-in to our 2-bedroom villa accommodations at Aulani – a Disney Resort and Spa!  It was around 2 PM so we weren’t sure if our room would be ready…but excitingly enough…our hostess was kind enough to inform us that it was!!

Leis all around!

The gals all received gorgeous flower leis and hubs was happy about his kukui nut lei – after all, the flowers were a little too pretty for him plus he was allergic to the fresh ones.  After that, we received our keycards and were ready to check out our place!

What's behind door number 754?

Since we have joined DVC, we have stayed in a variety of 1-BR villas, but nothing could prepare us for the amazingness of this brand spanking new resort!

And what a way to welcome us….

Aloha, Higuchi Ohana!

Pretty darn cool, right?  But first things first, I gotta check out the view…

Our balcony view...waterpark and ocean!

We could have lived on that lanai alone, but why would we, when we had this…

Fancy fully stocked kitchen, fun booth...hidden Mickeys in the cushion design!
King size bed in the master suite...so comfy.
Queen size bed in the studio section, along with sleeper.


HUGE glassed in shower with rainfall!!


...and you cannot forget the TV stand Murphy bed!

The place was amazing!  So much room, all pretty, shiny and new…it was a dream and really took all of our breath away…


Amazing room or not, however, there was a whole resort for us to go out and explore!  We had to get to it!

Tune in for Hawaiian Disney Page, pt 2: Shave Ice and Sunsets (coming soon!)

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