I want to take a minute to recognize a BIG milestone:

My first* donation!!!! 

Thanks so much, Jaz!  I’ll be sure to give her a GINORMOUS hug and a HUGE Mahalo next month – in HAWAII!

Yes, I know, if you are friends with me on Facebook, this is old news, but I have been waiting to reveal it on the  blog until we had it all booked and time cleared from work, etc…but yes, we’ll be in Oahu for Thanksgiving Break & visiting with family and friends…oh and this, too:

Yes!  I am so stoked that we will be staying at Disney’s newest resort venture, Aulani, located in Ko Olina!  It’s just for one night, but I am so excited to get my Mickey fix in one of my most favorite places, ever.  Growing up, I was incredibly blessed to visit just about every single summer since it is where my dad grew up.  I haven’t been back since I was in college, and hubs has never been, so we are so glad that this opportunity has sprung up.

November 20 couldn’t come soon enough!

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

* (wanna be the second…or third…fourth…?  Pop on over to My Fundraising Page!)

6 thoughts on “Mahalo!

  1. Ok, I have not read your blog in forever… sorry 😦
    but Ko’Olina has a disney hotel??? what!!! now I have to go back!
    Have so much fun!

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