Locked + Loaded

It’s ON.

Lucky Marathon #2(source)

Remember my post a few weeks ago?  Well, I made that next step!  Spoke with Kate, the area campaign coordinator of Team in Training for the Richmond and Charlottesville area and I paid my registration fee – got the paperwork going…and I am all signed up for the team!

As shown above, I will be training for the 2012 Shamrock Marathon being held March 18 in Virginia Beach.

Pretty nice lookin' course!


This will be my first event FUNDRAISING in conjunction with TRAINING.  It is a little bit overwhelming, I admit, but Kate was incredibly helpful and encouraging in all of the explanations she gave regarding the program.  I am incredibly excited to join the TEAM (Train Endure Achieve Matter) and make a difference for something much bigger than me!

I will attend my first meeting in mid-November, but in the interim, I’m stoked to have a head start on the fun fundraising tools made available to us.  I have set up My Fundraising Page and will meet with Kate next week to work on a personalized fundraising strategy.

Of course, I will be blogging about my experience with the program as often as I can but as I mentioned before, I am OPEN to any suggestions, comments or questions regarding every/anything related to fundraising for endurance events!

(And yes, I do realize I sound pretty darn crazy for signing up for another marathon, but living with cancer sounds a LOT harder than running 26.2 miles!)



13 thoughts on “Locked + Loaded

  1. I think you’re awesome for doing this! As someone currently battling cancer, thank you!

    • Thanks Jamie! And OMG, you are so awesome for keeping such an amazing attitude through your fight. You inspire me everyday!!

  2. […] Since I joined Team in Training on  October 4, 2011, you all have helped me raise $1,278.10 toward  the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma.  It is an amazing feeling to see the dedication and support from friends, family and the community and I am proud to say that training has been going just as smashingly.  I’ve had the pleasure of running with an excellent team and with each weekday workout, I am pushing myself emotionally and physically everyday.  This experience is teaching me just how rewarding it can be to give your heart and soul to something much bigger than yourself – I feel so lucky to be a part of it all. […]

  3. […] it, y’all – THANK YOU so much. I can not even BEGIN to express how I feel right now. When I first signed up for Team in Training, I was excited, but so nervous – how would I be able to make my minimum $1,500 contribution […]

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