I hate these kinds of posts.

You’ve been there before…reading along a perfectly fine blog, about {insert your favorite topic here} – just as you have been, for days, weeks, months…the content has always been enjoyable, the images entertaining, and BAM.

“I have a confession to make.”

If I had a dollar for every single time I read those words at the start of a post (and subsequently cringed) – well – I would be rich.

Unfortunately for you all that might share this utter disdain for this type of post, it seems that I have now joined the ranks of so many before me – and I do have a confession.  A really good one.

Organic. Vegetarian. Etc.

I have never made hard boiled eggs before.

See, I was able to use that super awesome crossing-out thingy up there because as of last night, that all changed, thanks to Simply Recipes.

Egg-cited?! Har har...

I know, I know.  27 years old and never made hard boiled eggs before…how does THAT happen?  Especially since I like to eat them…but it occurred to me just recently (as in, probably last week at the cafeteria salad bar) that I had never prepared them for myself because I always thought it was some kind of difficult and timely undertaking.

Can I tell you a secret?

It really isn’t!  Lemme break it down…in FIVE steps!

ONE – Take eggs, place in a saucepan/pot/coverable thingy – add enough water to cover the eggs – and about an inch above.

TWO – Heat to a boil, turn down the heat for a minute, then remove from heat.

THREE – Cover and let sit – about 12 minutes.

FOUR – Use slotted spoon to grab an egg out of the hot water.  Cool ’em off in an ice bath (just like after a long run!!)

FIVE – Peel & Enjoy!

I was very pleased with the simplicity of it all!  I made four eggs Tuesday – two of which I used as salad toppers, one for my egg salad sandwich for lunch Wednesday and one for these (AWESOME!!) cookies.  <– Don’t knock ’em til you’ve tried it!

I have long been an egg fan, and am glad to add these to my egg preparation repertoire.

(and I promise, no more confession posts for me!)

What’s your favorite way to prepare/eat eggs?


6 thoughts on “I hate these kinds of posts.

  1. Strangely, I was very incompetent at cooking up until the past couple of years, but somehow I never had trouble hard-boiling eggs. I had to learn chopping, cracking eggs, whisking, knowing when to put in spices and what pans to use, but that was the ONE thing I didn’t have to learn. (and yet I don’t make those too often) Weird.

  2. I LOVE EGGS! Mom was making fun of me because I ate a hard boiled egg every day for B-fast in France (it was part of the continental bfast). But I do try to have eggs as much as often. Love scrambled or sunny side up in the morn and a hard boiled egg for sandwiches and on top of eggs. hahaha….eggs are amazing! 🙂

    • LOL, yum! I made another ‘egg salad sandwich’ for lunch – hard boiled egg with greek yogurt, paprika (makes me think of Blues Clues!!!) and s/p.

  3. I have made lots of hard boiled eggs in my life, but used to overcook them (my mom and relatives BOIL them for TEN MINUTES, and the letting-them-sit-in-still-hot-water is much much gentler and produces not stinky eggs!)
    My fave is poached and runny on salad. YUM.

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