Yup, it’s still me.


Hi there, remember how I don’t eat fried chicken?  Or any chicken for that matter?  And I am eating healthier these days?  Oh, and fast food just doesn’t ‘jive’ with my life anymore?

Hah, forget all that (for now) because I AM HUNGRY!

Okay, well – I am being a little dramatic.  🙂  Let’s back it up here…


My left cheek is so round!  Oh my gosh, it’s freaky.  I look like I was in some kind of hockey calamity,  I swear!  And while I was much more successful in keeping food down today, my energy quickly depletes from simple tasks like walking across the apartment to get a refill on my water, or closing the fridge door.

This was my glamourous culinary spread today:

Breakfast: Brown rice pumpkin pudding – pretty successful, though I had to throw it in the food processor for a few more minutes to get the rice small enough for me to eat.  Made from a tweaking a few recipes I found online, most notably this one – I changed it up by simmering with a cinnamon stick & adding Torani sugar-free pumpkin pie syrup in lieu of sugar.

Lunch: Strawberry/pineapple smoothie – the idea came to me this morning as I read Iowa Girl Eat’s blog, where she blended up a smoothie with Strawberry Chobani Greek yogurt, among other yummy items.  I didn’t have Chobani or Vanilla Whey Protein, but I did have some plain Oikos Greek yogurt, as well as frozen strawberries and canned pineapple.  Delish!

Snack: Choco-attack –I knew it would hit me eventually – a need for chocolate!  I decided to mush up a Deep Chocolate Vitatop, add a splash of Almond milk and serve it up with a spoon.  It definitely wasn’t a photo-worthy meal but it was tasty, low-fat and pretty good for protein and fiber.

Dinner: Mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie smoothie – after all the suggestions that poured in via blog and twitter, I had a major hankering for mashed potatoes.  Of course, I needed to procure them, so hubs drove us to Whole Foods, where I planned to get them from the hot bar.  Upon arrival, however, I did not see them PLUS it was busy and blah.  When I finally saw them in the deli, I was no longer interested – they looked kinda dried up and were 5.99/lb, to boot!  Meh.  So, next stop?  KFC – stopped in, ordered the $1.29 size sans gravy and hightailed it home!  Surprisingly, they were quite satisfying, and despite me taking about 30 minutes to eat them, it was a nice hot meal – I added a Laughing Cow wedge for creaminess = mmm.  I followed up that decadent offering with an equal scoop of Greek yogurt, pumpkin puree, almond milk, ice cubes and a little more Torani for a yummy smoothie inspired by this recipe. Kinda fun holiday-ish, I guess?

So yes, definitely got more calories in today, which is very good.  But now, I have to get back to icing my giant face.

What food ‘rules’ do you break when you’re under the weather?

8 thoughts on “Yup, it’s still me.

  1. I think I like your pumpkin pie smoothie better than the tofu version one. It gets a little too tofuy. Will try this one next.

    • definitely! i liked it a lot. hubs didn’t like it, but then again he doesn’t care for greek yogurt, so it’s pretty customizable.

  2. Okay hearing about your ridiculously round cheek makes me worry about what I’m going to look like after I get mine out. Granted I knew before hand that I’d probably look like a chipmunk..lol.

    How far out/in bad/good were your wisdom teeth? From my knowledge I only have my top ones and they are fully out and about in my mouth, but they aren’t hurting me or cramping against other teeth.

    Oh, and after I scheduled my surgery I looked at my calendar and saw that I have my first dress fitting two days after I get them out!! I think my alterations person is going to wonder who beat me up…

    • My top ones weren’t coming out, but my bottom left was all the way out and hurting me…and that’s the side that’s super puffy, so I think you’ll be okay if none are bothering you! =)

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