A tribute to awesome blogs and random ideas.

I have been aching to write a really great blog post as of late, but one thing just keeps getting in the way: my super scatter-brained-ness!  Seriously, I don’t know if it’s the weather, my ever-beckoning to-do list, or what, but I haven’t been able to punch out an insightful blog since my 1/2 recap!


What I *have* been keeping up with, however, are a plethora of great blogs, which has inspired me to construct a post relating to the thoughts that they evoked in my psyche…and before I go too much off topic, let’s stick with this simple one:


I want to run a Rock’n’Roll Marathon race; specifially the Las Vegas and New Orleans ones.  The 2011 Las Vegas one is in December; NOLA’s ’11 race is next month (so maybe the FULL next year?!)

I have been thinking about this for a while; namely, since this past summer when I picked up a running magazine and saw the series featured, but what kicked me into gear recently was a post from a blog I love: A Healthier Happier Bear, where she outlined some of her upcoming races for the year.  Why those races?  Well, frankly, running down the strip sounds pretty neat, plus the weather would be interesting to experience – and honestly, I have to admit a big motivation of doing the NOLA race is a justifiable reason to visit Cafe Du Monde, as Iowa Girl Eats outlined on a visit she took there.

Ahh!  Running is great, but races are addictive!

After finishing the Busch Gardens Christmastown 8K.

Have you run a race in these series?  What city would you pick, if you did?


2 thoughts on “A tribute to awesome blogs and random ideas.

  1. i dont know anything about running or marathons. BUT i’ve been to both cities. And I think that the atmosphere is going to be completely different in both– NOLA may be more like you’re used to with the humidity. Even in Feb, its humid…. that’s why all those girls can stand to flash for beads during mardi gras.
    and we were just in vegas and while we were there (early jan) it was chilly. but i think it would be good weather to run in as far as temperature.

    • Great climate advice! Although I have been to Vegas (summer and fall only, though) it amazes me how much of the US I have NOT seen yet!

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