Giveaway Magic.

It has occurred to me, in the past few months of observing and subscribing to new blogs that a great way to promote readership and facilitate cross-communication and promotion is to sponsor a giveaway.  In fact, there are some blogs that are powered solely by the announcement of giveaways, like Blog Giveaways – because, as the tag line for that blog states, “everyone loves free stuff!”


Anywho, a fabulous blog that I follow, Mianpian is sponsoring a giveaway of their own!  Check it out here!  I don’t want to giveaway the content of the giveaway, but let’s just say it’s definitely a good one. =)  Plus, if you’re like me and interested in the logistics of putting together a giveaway, it’s worth a look as well, because you can see several main elements:

  • An introduction to the giveaway – the blogger explains the amazing opportunity that he/she is presenting.
  • Personal connection – the blogger tells why he/she chose to feature the item he/she is giving away.
  • Visual aids – the blogger presents the item, and as a bonus, presents a personal experience with said item/related items.
  • Explanation – the blogger explains to you, the reader, how to get involved in the giveaway and details the ‘points’ that can increase your chance of winning said giveaway; this usually includes some application tie-ins with Facebook, twitter and even re-blogging.

So, if you are like me and love giveaways and free stuff, why not jump on the bandwagon and see what treasures await you in the wide world of blogs?  It really is a win-win – because if you win, that’s awesome, but even if you don’t, you are making some new connections and may even find a favorite blog to follow.

4 thoughts on “Giveaway Magic.

  1. Wow thanks Krissy!! I’m going to attempt to do this! I looked on the Beau and Stella site and actually found a necklace that I saw a girl wear one time and absolutely fell in love with it ( Tuesday Necklace)!

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